10Q with Danny Cozplay

Cosplay Name
Danny Cozplay
How Long Have You Been Cosplaying?
It’s been two almost three years I made and wore my first costume to a convention.
Favorite Cosplay you’ve done
I love all the characters I cosplay; but in terms of craftsmanship probably Harley Quinn has been the most challenging for being my first costume made, the whole process to complete it was crazy
Social Media Links
Booking Email
Everything hehe; but I would love to cosplay and focus more on World of Warcraft characters, hopefully soon!

Danny Cozplay (8)We’ve seen some of the recent collaborations with other cosplayers, what do you like most about working in a group setting?
Cosplay to me is a hobby, is all about creativity, a way of expressing myself, an art form. To share what you love with friends or people who appreciate your work and have the same enthusiasm is one of the best experiences you can have while cosplaying.

What’s the main goal you have with your hobby?
To have fun, meet people, and possibly have a workshop to make cosplay props and accessories.

Is there a level of fame in this industry that wasn’t there 5-7 years ago? What makes it difficult to create a full-time career? And If there’s one thing you could change about this industry, what would it be?
The cosplay industry is growing continuously for a while now, being more popular every year. I’m not sure about cosplay fame or as a career; however, some cosplayers do have more followers and exposure to the public, being cataloged as popular or famous. What to do with the reach you are getting or creating depends on each person.

A cosplayer told me once “I don’t want to be famous, I just want to share my art”. I understand the sentiment, but do you think trying to maintain a social media presence, something that’s solely driven off of personal posts, is Danny Cozplay (4)contradictory to trying to keep a low profile?
I believe there’s a difference on personal posts, and posts about costume progress or cosplay. However you can share your art on your personal page to your friends only, or you can choose to create a public page and share it with the rest of the world, it doesn’t matter what the content may be, you will interact and get different reactions from people, eventually, you learn to control how it affects you and what you do, and it should never stop you from doing what makes you happy.

Cosplay has grown so much over the past five years, tell us what are the pros and cons of such a huge spike in general cosplay interest?
The amount of people who have learned or found out about cosplay and now get to participate, create and share their passion for their favorite characters to other people with the same interests is most definitely a pro. The negativity towards new cosplayers, judging if they are “true geeks or nerds” is some of the cons you might find. Support your fellow cosplayers. Support your friends.

How important are your fans to you?
It is all about interacting with people and having fun at the conventions! I see people on my page as human beings who share the same interest, I will forever love them for their support Who wins a fight between

Officer Vi and Baroness?
Lol! VI, just cause I would beat anyone if playing with her 😛

Photo Credits: Templar Digital, Gus Fredrick, David Love, Speedy’s Productions,

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