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Cosplay Name
Dynamite Webber Cosplay
How long have you been cosplaying?
I started cosplaying in 2002. But i took a break from 2009 until this year’s Katsucon in 2014.
Favorite cosplay you’ve done?
My favorite cosplay would have to be Nightwing, I love portraying the character and the positive response the costume gets.
Day Job?
I work at Costco as a Meat Cutter.
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I don’t know if i would call it a specialty but I love to work with eva foam. I haven’t been doing it long but took to it very quickly.[/stextbox]

dynamite webber  (6)Congratulations, you’re our first male interview, There’s not many of you guys around in the sea of female cosplayers. How did you get into cosplay?

First I would like to say that I’m honored to be your first male interview.  I would love to see more male cosplayers out and about and try to support all the ones I meet.

I got into cosplay after going to my First Otakon my senior year of high school.  It was my first con ever and I had never even heard of cosplay. But I’m walking around seeing all these people dressed as characters from Animes and comics that I loved and I was instantly hooked and wanted to try it myself.

How do other guys respond to your hobby?
Other male cosplayers are always fantastic and most try to be supportive of one another.  As far as guys in everyday life, I’ve not received any negative comments from them.

Some don’t understand exactly what it is or why I do it.  But they appreciate the level of workmanship I put into my costumes, overall they think its pretty cool.

How does the female cos community welcome male cosplayers?
From the women I’ve talked to in the community, it seems that they wish there were more male cosplayers. I’ve never heard a female cosplayer mention anything negative in regards to male cosplayers which makes me happy.

What’s your take on the sexual harassment problem for female cosplayers?
It’s very upsetting some things I’ve witnessed and messages and comments I’ve read on social media to female cosplayers.  I’m 100% for the cosplay is not consent movement.

But I will say that this problem is not limited to female cosplayers.  I’ve received messages and been touched inappropriately at conventions as well. People need to remember that although we may be portraying a character they know/love/are attracted to, we are just people in costume with feelings like everyone else.dynamite webber  (9)

Do you think that a woman can push the limits of what’s inappropriate for costuming?
I feel that cosplay is an art form.  Some people choose to interpret the characters in different ways and that’s perfectly alright with me.

I don’t mind the “sexy” cosplays nor do I think that makes a person any less of a cosplayer. As long as they’re comfortable and confident and not intentionally trying to be offensive, have at it and have fun.

What’s been your most memorable con experience?
My most memorable experience would have to be when artist George Perez asked me for my photo and complimented my cosplay.

He is an icon in the comic industry and is also one of the most pleasant human beings I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Dynamite Webber (13)What is the nerdiest thing about you outside of cosplay?
I’m a nerd through and through.  In the past I watched anime and read comic books. My room looks like a twelve-year old’s that really likes batman/comics.

I also like to read in general (currently working on Game of Thrones)  I love everything about the nerd/geek
culture. And I love that the culture has now basically turned into part of pop culture with the success of all the movies and TV shows in the past few years.

When I was young being a nerd/geek was thought as a negative and now its part of society and that’s pretty cool.

If you ran a superhero fight league, who would be your first match?
This is a fantastic question and I’m thinking about it way too much, but my first match would probably be Nightwing vs. Spider-man.  Two of my all time favorites.  Both athletic acrobats. Nightwing doesn’t have superpowers but has been trained by the best to fight those that do.  Not to mention the witty banter alone would make for a very entertaining fight.

If Wolverine walked into your house and needed a cosplay idea, who would you dress him as?

Dynamite Webber everyone! **Drops mic, walks off stage**

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