10Q with Holly Brooke


I almost always like my newest costume the best!

Holly Brooke (10)Do you think sexy cosplays can go too far?
No, I feel like anyone should be able to express their creativity however they feel.

It’s not uncommon to see a cosplayer with 50k likes on facebook page, why do you think cosplaying is so popular on social media?
Social media has made it very easy to share pictures and connect with fans. It’s not surprising that many fans have taken to liking cosplayers pages, because it gives them more of a chance to see work in progress images, ask questions, and just get to know the cosplayer better in general!

How would you define a ‘Nerd’?
I would define a nerd as somebody that has a passion for anything, to the point where it works itself into your daily life. I wouldn’t confine nerdiness to just comics, video games, anime or pop culture because I can get pretty nerdy about science and animals as well as all the prior mentioned topics!

What’s your take on body image within the Cosplay community?
It seems like a lot of cosplayers have experienced increases in self-esteem through cosplaying, and have found the art to be empowering. Unfortunately, the internet is a very cruel place and can lead to trolls constantly trying to tear down your self-esteem. If you can see past the cruel remarks of the internet, I find that the hobby can be a very uplifting one.

Is the cos community clicky, like in high school? Or do most cosplayers welcome each other with open arms?Holly Brooke (11)
Unfortunately, in my experience I have had trouble making cosplay friends. I am a fairly quiet person and the people I have reached out to have not really responded how I would have hoped. Hopefully in the future I will have better luck meeting and working with fellow cosplayers!

What’s your nerdy pleasure?
My favorite fandom is the Batman franchise. I think my guilty pleasure would be purchasing figures and blowing money on costumes though! It’s always something I know I don’t need to be spending money on, but it can sometimes be impulsive!

There are lots of fake nerds…Girls that put on glasses and a superman tee-shirt and call themselves ‘nerds’. What are your thoughts on people trying to capitalize off of something that was made fun of for the longest time?
I actually dislike the notion of this question. I don’t think that there is such a thing as a “fake nerd”. There is a large spectrum of nerds, from those that have read every issue, to those that are just starting to get into a fandom.

Let us not forget that we all started somewhere. I also really dislike this example, and limiting this to a girl thing. If our community thinks it’s ok to call people out for not having the same knowledge of a fandom as we might have, then what makes us any different from the bullies? DISLIKE.

Holly Brooke (13)For a really excellent breakdown to why the “fake geek girl” is a myth, please watch this video

What con would you love to attend next year?
I have attended SDCC many times, and it has become a bit over the top in the more recent years. I would really like to try my hand at some east coast cons in the future, maybe NYCC or Dragoncon!

What’s your next build?
I am working on Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl. After that I will likely be taking on a night elf from WoW.

Who wins, Mad Moxxi or Cammy?
Cammy, although Moxxi would put up a good fight

So, we got yelled at by Holly Brooke. It sure won’t be the first time that we ask a question that hits a nerve. It’s all part of addressing hot button issues within the cosplay community. We appreciate Holly’s candor, and she does make a valid argument.

And though she may not like us targeting women for the “fake nerd” question, 95% of the cosplay community is female. Even the most popular male cosplayers don’t receive a fraction of the attention that females do. When we see a model put on glasses with a superhero shirt or buys a Halloween outfit to get likes, we feel it soils the purity of the art form.

We’re not making the argument that women cosplay for attention, we’re saying that there are women, albeit a small percentage, that look at the market and get into a “Nerd Culture” demographic, put on a comic book tee and booty shorts, and they’re now nerdy.  Comic book, anime, and video game characters are sexualized enough as it is, why make it worse?

Anyway, we’ll dismount off of our soapbox and get back to ending this interview. We think Holly is pretty awesome, and we’re honored that she spent some time talking with us.

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