10Q with Kimette

[stextbox id=”alert” caption=”The Details” image=”http://glompmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Kimette-Cosplay-6-e1417320013948.jpg”]Cosplay Name
Kimette Cosplay
How Long Have You Been Cosplaying?
Since 2011 (but I am involved in geek stuff from my childhood!)
Favorite Cosplay you’ve done?
Juno Eclipse (Star Wars Imperial Officer)
Day Job
Makeup artist for Christian Dior
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Star Wars[/stextbox]

Kimette Cosplay  (7)How would you describe your style of cosplay in three words?
Feminine, detailed and funny

What’s been the best thing about cosplay for you?
My involvement in events and exhibitions, I quickly made my reputation as someone very social. I am interested in all aspects of cosplay, but most of all, I’m interested in meeting new people.

As you progress, what are some changes you would like to make in your upcoming projects?
I will add a touch of color to my next outfit … I say no more! 😉

What’s it like to cosplay as a couple?
It’s great to share the same passion! It helps a lot in the budget (no drama), destinations and vacations choices (we always try to visit a convention or something related to star wars when we take vacation, no matter where we visit).

Tell us just how fascinated you are with Star Wars?
It’s totally my generation! Young, I was impressed by this environment that seemed so realistic, worn, dirty … The character was fantastic and endearing. I’m very feminine and girly,but don’t talk to me about romantic movies, it’s not my style!Kimette Cosplay  (15)

How many hours did you put into your Lady Deathwatch?
I did not count the hours, maybe about 6 months. All the “hard parts” are made by Jef (thermoplastic) and I do the soft parts adjustment and some of the accessories.

What other creative hobbies do you have?
Cosplay already takes a lot of my time, but I’m a huge music fan, I love going to see concerts … Radiohead, Disclosure, Joy Division / New Order, Depeche mode …I need more time for that !

The nerdiest thing about you?
I probably know every movie score on the planet; I love orchestral music. In 2007, I made a 12 road trip to listen to John Williams … an unforgettable experience.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen at a convention?
Oh ! There’s so many funny things at conventions. But there’s a friend of mine (Simon F.) who makes the best imitation of Ace Ventura ever! This guy is amazing!
I love the absurd stuff like this

One misconception about cosplay that you would like to put to rest?
Fortunately, people know more and more the phenomenon we call cosplay, the judging has slowly disappeared with mainstream shows like “Big Bang Theory” and the multitude of superhero and sci-fi movies … we are no longer perceived as marginal. It’s really a passion of all ages and all social groups. Students, parents, professional etc, etc.

In fact, nothing really bothers me. People are entitled to their opinions, do not judge the first impression, That’s It !

Photo Credits: Seb Goulet, Philippe Vigier, Richard Dufault, One, Cosplayers Canada, Michaelle Charette,

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