10Q with Lady Jaded

How Long Have You Been Cosplaying?
Officially on my page for 1 year. Been attending conventions for about 3 years

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Lady Jaded (1)Favorite costume  you’ve created
This is a tough question as I love all my cosplays that I do. Crowd favourites are Princess Leia, Rogue, and Black Cat. But not one of my cosplays ever gets a bad review from fans (hope that doesn’t sound like I’m up myself…) I love what I do and put 100% into my costumes, and I truly think it comes through. I want people to feel like they truly are interacting with that character.

I’ve come to find out that cosplayers are very free-spirited creative souls that I would compare to a conventional painter or sculptor. Do you consider yourself an artist?
Funnily enough, I have always been creative. I was able to draw since I was a small child. I adored art and loved the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and Michael Angelo (probably because I grew up watching TMNT). I took art lessons and then went to a High School with a Special Art program in which every Saturday throughout my time there I did an extra day of Art. I then went on to attend TAFE to study Fashion Designer.

After realizing that my dream to be involved in the magical world of Fashion was not the glam and glitter I was hoping for, I put that off to the side. A number of years later the world of Cosplay opened up to me. And I haven’t looked back since. Thankfully I have been able to use my creative skills I gathered naturally and through school to create my cosplays and appease the inner artiste. To be a good cosplayer I feel you need a very keen eye for detail, be open to try new things, be patient & devoted, and work well with your hands. But that does not mean that if you aren’t any of these things that you won’t be a good cosplayer. As long as you have the drive to be the best you can be and if you love the character you are creating, then it will shine through!!!

Do you think people miss the point in cosplay sometimes? As in, they get blinded by the fact that there’s an attractive girl in a costume versus actually understanding what went into it?
If you miss the point, you are attending the convention for the wrong reason lol I became Lady Jaded for the fans of cosplay, I want to be respected for my work. Yes, it makes me smile and gives me an ego boost to hear compliments about my looks but it also makes me smile more when somebody comments on the actual outfit and how it truly brings the character to life for them.

What percentage of people would you say “understand and appreciate” cosplay as an art form?Lady Jaded (8)
That is a tough question. I would like to think that 100% of people who follow cosplayers do it for the appreciation & understanding of their art. But how many people follow an actor or actress because of their skill, or just follow them because they are good-looking? 😛 A cosplayer is more like a model but instead of high fashion designer clothes & gowns, we are showing off home-made or commissioned costumes. If you are somebody who doesn’t understand this, take some time next time you see one of my fellow cosplayers and appreciate what went into it.

Thankfully pages can be one of the ways to share our experiences too and show you step by step how it all came together. There can be a lot of frustration and tears. I remember one time I was trying to make my Zuul costume for a Ghostbusters screening. I left it to the last minute to put it all together.

The screening had already started, and the dress just wasn’t working, stitches were ripping, my lining wasn’t sitting the way I wanted, I ripped the dress in my frustration, and sat on my bedroom floor crying (which made it worse cos now my make up was ruined). I phoned my now-husband to get some composure.

I messaged my friends and told them the outfit was ruined. They told me to still come. I walked into the screening just when Dana was turning. I had a great night. I knew the dress wasn’t perfect, but everyone else loved it. And that’s all that matters. One day, I will endeavor to make that costume again.

Lady JadedDo you have a large support group in the community?
I have such an amazing group of cosplaying friends. I love them all! I tend to be a lone wolf when it comes to creating my costumes, only attending a couple of group costume workshops. I’m a member of the Rebel Legion Wraith Outpost too. If I have any questions or need help, my friends are always there; and the same goes for if they need me. When I catch up with them though, I find the last thing I want to talk about is costumes and just want to chat about movies, and shows, and “normal” chit chat.

Are your family and friends supportive?
Very much so! I do have my separate groups though– my non-cosplay friends who I’ve known for years, my cosplay friends, and friends I’ve met through my modeling. But they all support what I do and understand that it makes me who I am. My Mum follows my page all the time and recommends everyone she knows to check out the page. I found it so funny when one time she messaged me to ask if she could do that. I laughed and said that it’s a public page so anybody can check it out and add their like if they want. I don’t think she understands Facebook that much but I still love her! My husband has been the most supportive throughout it all.

The best cosplay you’ve ever seen
This is a tough one…. My friend, Dadpool, has the best Iron Man cosplay ever, and I have seen a lot of them. But also my other friend, Ken, does an incredible Predator which looks spot on and always creeps me out when I see him. He even has created an Alien cosplay for his son, so seeing them together is incredible. And my girlfriend, Missy, has the bestest Boushh on the planet! Super jelly

Three cosplayers wouldn’t mind being trapped in a room with for 48 hoursLady Jaded (11)
• Jessica Ngiri so I can steal some tips from her and possibly some costumes
• Hurley FX who does an amazing Groote
• Kamui Cosplay… need to understand how to make such mouth drooling armour

Favorite artist to listen to when you’re building
I adore Lady Gaga but I listen to pretty much anything from the 80s to 90s to recent century music. My husband has got me into Tool as I’m a fan of A Perfect Circle. I love Nirvana, Guns n Roses, Katy Perry, The Cure, Sia… Any music is great music to keep me going 😀

One thing you’re really weird and neurotic about?
Perfection! Its got to feel and look right to me, otherwise I just can’t feel comfortable.

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