10Q with Mira Scarlet

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Mira Scarlet
How Long Have You Been Cosplaying?
4 years
Favorite Cosplay you’ve done
Celestia Ludenberg
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Mira Scarlet  (3)It seems like you’re working on something big for your next cosplay, tell us about it?

Currently I am laying out plans for Hyrule Warriors Sheik. I will be using a lot of different materials and techniques in order to complete it so thorough planning is going into every step, from the fabric choice to armor to weapons. So far I am planning on using leather for some of her armor parts, EVA foam and worbla for her harp and wood for the daggers. I’m still planning out my fabric choices.

How much do you think it will cost to complete your build?

I’m trying to keep it under $500 but it could end up being more depending on how much the leather and worbla burn a hole in my pocket.

What about cosplay makes all the time and energy worth it?

Being able to bring to life a fictional character that you love is what makes it all worth it. Everyone has a book, movie, game or show that they are obsessed with and cosplay gives you the opportunity to step into their world in a way and express your love for that character.

I think you’re one of our first cosplayers from the Carolinas, are there many of you guys down there?

Yes! Most of the cosplayers I know are from Greenville, but there are many in Columbia as well, they are all over the state! We have quite a pack of SC cosplayers haha

What other hobbies do you have outside of cosplay?

Sewing is my passion, but I also enjoy drawing, designing, playing piano and dancing (mostly para para dances!)Mira Scarlet  (12)

What are your thoughts on internet bullying in the cosplay community?

It’s pointless and makes no sense to me why someone would take the time to insult someone else’s cosplay. Constructive criticism is one thing, but being a straight up bully and making rude comments or even going as far to harass a cosplayer is absolutely insane, especially since this hobby is supposed to be about expressing our love for fictional characters! OUR OWN love, not anyone else’s, as much as their love is appreciated.

I think that to put a stop to (or at least lessen) internet bullying in the cosplay community is you either need to ignore them and delete the comment, or, if you feel the need to say something to them, say something positive. You won’t get anywhere arguing with someone who hides behind a computer screen, so the best thing you can do is try to take their negative power away with positivity.

Do you ever find it odd that so many people care about your costumes, does it add any additional pressure?

Ivdon’t find it odd because I follow many cosplayers myself and the work that some put into their costumes is awfully impressive, plus, costumes are always fun to look at no matter who you are! Not to mention it is fantastic meeting/talking to someone who appreciates your work and shares the same love for the character. Having people care about my costumes doesn’t add any pressure to me, the only thing that adds pressure is my own strive for high quality work.

Mira Scarlet  (2)If you’re jumping out of a plane, and the chute doesn’t open, what’s one thing you would regret not doing?

I would regret the fact that I have not yet made a cosplay from Sailor Moon!!

Describe the feeling you had when you completed your first cosplay?

The first cosplay I ever made entirely by myself was Uryuu Minene from Future Diary, and unfortunately, all I felt was disappointment because it was rushed and nothing came together properly to make me feel like the character. However, since that’s kind of sad, the second costume I ever made was Taokaka from Blazblue, and I was in awe how amazing it looked when finished. I actually took the time to plan everything out and the result was fantastic! It was almost surreal.

If you could dress any political figure, who would it be and what would you cosplay them as?

I’m not really into politics but I’d totally dress Obama up as Cyborg ‘cause I know he could afford the cost of materials for that beast, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to make!!

Thanks to Mira Scarlet for taking some time with us. She’s kind of an old soul, primarily focusing on the art form of costuming and steering clear of controversy and drama. She’s clearly and fervently passionate about cosplay, not likes or fame.

Quite refreshing in a society of the clickably famous.

Photo Credits: Tobias Roybal Photography, KenAD, AJ Charlton,Starrfall, Ben Tran,Scott Johnson, Double Stomp,


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