10Q with Nicolette Noir

 [stextbox id=”alert” caption=”Fade to Noir” image=”http://glompmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Nicolette-Noir-3.jpg”]Cosplay Name and how you came up with it?
Nicolette Noir- I always have liked the name Nicolette and I added Noir to it to give it contrast.
How Long Have You Been Cosplaying?
I have only been cosplaying for a year. I absolutely love every minute of it!
Favorite Cosplay you’ve done?
My favorite cosplay so far would have to be Chun Li. Always a classic.
Day Job
I am a supervisor for a cleaning business and I go to school for health and wellness. Both are full-time.
Social Media Links
Booking Email
I am not booking for anything because I have nothing to book. Haha.[/stextbox]

Nicolette Noir (4)What have you enjoyed most about cosplaying?
My favorite part about cosplaying is meeting new people. I have gained so many new friendships going to cons.

Of all the hobbies to get into, why choose cosplay?
I love cosplay because you get to be someone else for a day. It makes things different and spices things up.

You’re a big advocate of embracing your body type, did you ever struggle with loving your curves?
Before being curvy, I used to be overweight. I actually lost about 25 pounds before where I am now. I used to get made fun of a lot. Hell, I still get hate-messages about my body and how I need to lose weight. I used to have the hardest time embracing myself and my lovely curves. But I have learned to love myself and everything I have to offer. There will always be haters. I have no one to impress but myself.

Are you happy with the receptions you’ve received from the cos community so far?
So far, I have a lot of support from people for my cosplay. Being new to the cosplay scene is hard sometimes, but everyone has made me feel so loved.

The only thing I would have to say that made me very frustrated was when I cosplayed Cammy at Wizard World Chicago. Obviously her back side is completely out. I had no issue cosplaying her and I still do not. But when some random man grabbed my butt, it threw me to the curb. How in the world can someone think they can just grab a woman’s butt just because it is cosplay? Like a lot of people Nicolette Noir (16)say – cosplay is NOT consent!

What would you say to women that are struggling with body image?
I would say to “fuck the haters”. Like I said before, do it for yourself. Don’t try to lose weight or try loving yourself to please anyone else. This body you have is a temple. Love it and care for it. If you need support, never hesitate to come to me. It is always great to have a positive support system in your life.

Do you feel that girls can go over the edge with “sexy” costumes?
I don’t think any female can go “overboard” with sexy costumes. However you cosplay is however you cosplay. Just because someone went out of their way to make a few cuts and tears to a costume that weren’t designed for the character doesn’t make that person a “slut”. Everyone has their own way of cosplaying. And I won’t be judging ANYONE.

What’s you philosophy on dealing with negative and harassing comments on social media, do you think it’s gotten out of hand?
I completely ignore the hate messages I get. I have been called fat, lazy, slut, manly, etc. I have gotten A LOT of messages that are filled with hurtful words. I think it has gotten out of hand- but there will always be negative people. I guess we all just have to get used to it.

Nicolette Noir (13)What has been the most challenging part of this hobby?
The most challenging part is getting to cons I want to get to. Between work and school sometimes I cannot afford to travel to a con I really want to go to. And I do not have a lot of time to do so. I am trying!

Cookies, Cake, Pie, or Swedish Fish?
If I HAD to choose, I would choose peanut butter cookies. I am a clean eater though, so you won’t catch me eating any sugary things.

One superhero you would love to travel around the world with, and why?
Super villain? Loki because he is the god of mischief! Who WOULDN’T want to travel the world with him??

This is your opportunity to rant to our faithful readers. Either a misconception in the cosplay world that you want to put to rest, or something unrelated to cosplay (bad drivers, mullets, etc) that you just want to yell at the world about…Or both. We’re flexible.
Don’t let anyone grab you butt or harass you at a con and just settle. Go to an authority or tell many people to get the “said” person kicked out. No one deserves that!

In today’s cosplay world, well, the world in general, it’s important to have people with the strength and positive image that double N possesses. Her ability to persevere through weight issues, body image, and ultimately coming to embrace her curves, encourages cosplayers to be comfortable in their skin.

It also sets a tone of acceptance and fun in a community that should be nothing more than that. Kudos for double N’s positive outlook and overall go get em attitude. But don’t let her chipper demeanor fool you, she’ll quickly put her foot in your ass, especially if you touch hers without permission.


Photo Credits: Schleuning photography


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