10Q with Poison

Cosplay Name and Origin
Poison cosplay. I chose it after one of my favourite DC characters
How Long Have You Been Cosplaying?
I have been cosplaying for 6 years
Favorite Cosplay you’ve done
My favourite cosplay I have done has to be my new 52 poison ivy
Day Job
I’m a full-time mother but before that, I did arts with children in care and was admin for children’s advocates.

Booking Email
Sewing and designing.

Poison Cosplay (6)What’s the cosplay scene like in the UK?
It’s not as big as the US but it’s still pretty big and most groups are welcoming. There’s everything from games, anime, film, and comics etc. cosplay groups.

Based off of some of your pics, it looks like you have a dancing background, how long have you been in that field?
I did ballet for a number of years and contortionism I love it and try to use it in my cosplays.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned since you’ve started cosplaying?
To have a thick skin mainly to not be so scared about sharing my interests and meeting new people. And I’ve learned to have a bit of patience with making my outfit’s hahahahaha.

What’s your opinion on sexy cosplaying? Can girls take it too far, or should everyone put a sock in it?
I think it’s none of anyone’s business what others wear they don’t have to wear it or look at it if they don’t like it, it doesn’t affect them so why complain it’s just a confident person wearing what they want to what’s so wrong with that?

How have your fans been thus far, all pretty well-behaved?
They’ve been so supportive! There’s a few who will bad mouth but that’s what the ban and block button is for I love my follower’s input and opinions.

What was it like cosplaying while you were pregnant?Poison Cosplay (9)
I loved it one of my fav cosplays, it was a shame that I was pretty much invisible to nearly all photographers except 2 or 3 when I was pregnant though XD but I had a wonderful time.

Do your family and friends support your nerdy activities?
My partner is also a cosplayer a fairly well-known one in the UK we help each other with costume construction.

Do you think the characters you cosplay relate in any way to your personality?
Certainly! I only pick characters I relate to ivy, for instance, loves the planet and wants it saving and wonder woman is a strong fierce lady (I also have quite the temper and strong-willed).

If you were being held hostage, which superhero would you be disappointed if they showed up to rescue you?
That’s a tough one hmmm…perhaps the wonder twins?

One misconception about cosplay that you would like to put to rest?
We are not all people out to get attention for our bodies or looks, of course, there are some but most are friendly great people just having a great time doing what they love to do! And were not the cruel nerdy stereotype people paint us to be were normal people with normal lives just we have a bad-ass hobby!

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