10Q with Smoldering Flame

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Smoldering Flame Cosplay
How Long Have You Been Cosplaying?
10 years
Favorite Cosplay you’ve done?
Mad Moxxi from Borderlands
Day Job?
College student and assistant prop artisan at the Arizona Broadway Theatre
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Smoldering Flame (10)10 years in the cosplay game, what’s been the biggest change you’ve seen?
Well, it is crazy to think in general I have done this for 10 years. As for what has changed so much, probably it becoming more mainstream. I mean, one of the cons I go to every year is Phoenix Comic-Con. When I first went there were a couple thousand of people at most, now, we nearly broke 100,000! Also, the quality of costumes has gone up. Cosplayers now have easy access to awesome material, good quality wigs, and pre-made costumes. When I started, it was party city wigs, or nothing.

Congratulations on your cosplay calendar project, Women vs Cosplay. It looks like your kickstarter was fully funded. What does it mean to be involved in something like this?
Thank you! Being involved in it was such an honor because of all the amazing ladies that were in it. Anabel Martinez who ran it, is a friend and amazing artist I have followed for a long time, so, when she asked me to do it, I automatically said yes! It’s flattering, and a way to make a lot of new friends.

Is there much pressure in prop building for the theater industry?
Haha! Well, yes…sometimes. I am merely an assistant so my boss got the brunt of it. But, working on deadlines is always difficult sometimes. Not to mention, directors will want a certain prop or set piece, and then we have to figure out how to make it.

For example, we did a children’s play where the story was being told by an owl. Instead of the girl playing the owl to just, I don’t know, dress like an owl, they wanted a full movement puppet. Puppets are a pain in the butt to make apparently, especially one that had to have its head rotate 360 degrees. So, you have to work with overzealous directors sometimes, but, usually, it’s really fun and a good way to be creative! In the theater world, they actually take a lot of ideas from cosplayers.

Hopefully you’re getting some decent gaming perks from writing for Geek News Network. What game are you obsessed over at the moment?
SOMEONE HAVE ME GO TO E3 PLEASE! Okay, now that, that plug is done, I love writing for GNN. They are awesome and have given me so many opportunities. Well, I obsess over many things. At the moment, its Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. If you can tell from my portfolio, I love me some Borderlands. I’m even working on an Athena cosplay from the Pre-Sequel. Also very excited for Assassin’s Creed Unity and Farcry 4.

What’s the best and worst thing about cosplay?
The best thing is meeting new friends. I love meeting new people and talking to them about what I love, and sharing my passion. It’s as simple as that, I WANT FRIENDS! I have been so blessed to meet all the amazing people I have. The worst thing I have to say are the trolls. It sucks butts to be told you are too fat, or too skinny, or ugly, or whatever. I like to live by the saying “Be Awesome to Each Other”.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen at a convention?
I’ve seen a lot of things, but, the one that takes the cake is probably when I saw a guy dressed in only a towel, whose chest hair was cut to look like the triforce, and had a belt that consisted of lotion and a box of tissues. Yeah, that was a bit interesting.

What are your thoughts on harassment and bullying in cosplay? It seems to be a growing problem.
Bullies suck, they suck in any walk of life. I think the problem is, you get a bunch of people who use to be bullied when they are younger, and then, put them in a sub-category, and then sometimes, they take their anger out and bully others. I think there are a lot of factors to it, my advice is just, remember you are awesome and love what you do.

Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw vs. Mad Moxxi, who wins?
Mad Moxxi, defiantly. Yes, Juliet has a chainsaw but Moxxi is just a survivor. Her dome got destroyed, she deals. She’s on the moon, She deals. Girl can do what she needs to do!

One of your nerdy secrets?
Hmmm…I’m obsessed with David Lynch and all of his work. I so badly want to cosplay from Twin Peaks.

A superhero you would like to go to an amusement park with, and why?
Donna Troy! She is Wonder Woman’s little sis, and my favorite hero of all time. I want to just go and tell her how she is my hero and got me through so many tough times as a kid, then get cotton candy.

And that’s that. You just had the Smoldering Flame experience. A lover of cotton candy, and…Twin Peaks? Well, we don’t call them nerds for nothing.

Photo credits: Sam Axe, Stephen Harvilla, Adam Patrick Murray, Waylen, Grant Brummet, Zaa,Generation Design, Laughing Koi


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