10Q with Yoko Mizuhara

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Cosplay Name
Yoko Mizuhara

How Long Have You Been Cosplaying?
My official convention 10 year cosplay anniversary was September 2014, though I think I cosplayed by dressing up and going out in public all the time way before I had any clue what cosplay was!

Favorite Cosplay you’ve done
It changes all the time based on whatever new, fun costume and groups I have going on, but overall I’d say Rogue since I’m always making a new Rogue costume! Current favorite would be Savage Land & probably my next favorite will be Rogue from the Deadpool video game.

Day Job
Digital Sales Coordinator

Social Media Links
Google Plus
Deviant Art

Yokosplay.com Though I haven’t really updated it in forever. The best place to find my up to date cosplay is my facebook page.

Booking Email

Does cospartying count? I’m awesome at silly shenanigan groups, making new friends, and partying in costume. Seriously, I think being able to make costumes machine washable/indestructible so I can party in them should be a specialty!
Otherwise, spandex/stretchy material costumes because my serger and I have a great relationship <3[/stextbox]

So, you just hit the 5k mark, how exciting was that?
While I really appreciate everyone who supports me online & in person and it’s amazing that so many people take interest in my little hobby, I don’t really put a lot of value in likes on Facebook. Especially since Facebook has so many ways to trick the system and the reach is pathetic, especially if you have likes from fake or uninterested accounts. I put more value on the interactions both online and in person like talking to people or interviews like this! Sorry, sometimes I marketing nerd rage at Facebook.

Any artsy abilities outside of cosplay?
Not really, I’m more of a logical math and science kind of person than very artsy. Cosplay is the extent of my artistic abilities and I used it a bit in high school for technical theater in the costuming department. But man, you didn’t want to see how bad my costume design sketches were! I could sooner make the whole costume than sketch out the idea!

Explain the origin of your cosplay name, we’re pretty sure it’s not native of Georgia.
I’ve actually gone by the nickname Yoko longer than I went by my real name at this point funny enough! It started when I got annoyed in middle school of all the girls wearing “I love Ashton” shirts since Ashton Kutcher was popular. So I randomly picked a nickname for myself and it stuck!

So you’ve created over 100 costumes? Your hands must be tired. Where do you keep them all?
I used to live with my parents & had like 5 closets with various costumes parts, supplies, in progress, ect, but when I moved out on my own I realized how ridiculous my closet had grown! Recently, I’ve been trying to sell off a bunch of my old costumes.

Otherwise, I keep most of my costumes hanging up in my sewing room with their accessories in a bag on the hanger, wigs in a trunk, shoes everywhere, and props in another closet. I still think the amount of costumes I have has taken over the house!

100 costumes and 100 cons, I know you’ve had a wardrobe malfunction during one of those, or is your record clean?
I use a lot of fashion tape, dancer’s tights, and other magic tricks to keep the amount of wardrobe malfunctions to a minimum, but there were a few times especially when I started out. Let’s just say my Éclair costume that was held in place by fashion tape and hope didn’t always stay in place on hot summer days!

What’s been your favorite con up to this point?
Dragoncon is my favorite every year! There’s just an energy in the air that I’m in love with. I make a new best friend like every 5 feet. Plus, it’s a more mature con environment and the only con I can really carry my booze guitar around at!
Another con I’m madly in love with after this year is Play On Con because it’s at a camp so 24 hour pool parties, canoeing, archery with Robin Hood, and all the other camp shenanigans plus a convention made for an amazing weekend!

If you ran into Lady Gaga on the street, and she said she needed an outfit for a show, which one of your costumes would you give her?
I could see Lady Gaga rocking my Humanoid Goldeen with the seashells, kimono, and the little horn. Plus, that one works to have the kimono nice and formal and then reveal the bathing suit later and costume changes are always fun on stage!

Who would be cast to sing the soundtrack of your life and give us three songs they would sing?
My life and taste in music is pretty eclectic so that’s a hard one! Maybe Zedd could come up with some awesome mixes. Right now 3 songs I’ve been addicted too, especially at the gym, are Party Rock in Gangnam (PSY x LMFAO x Lil Jon x Lil Wayne), Warriors by Imagine Dragons, and Bromance by Chester See & Ryan Higa so I guess I’d pick those.

The absolute best thing about cosplay?
Hanging out with friends and making new friends! I’m a huge sucker for group cosplays, I adore the time in the room getting ready with my friends, and then hitting the con floor together and finding more friends.

Also, there’s also something magical about cosplay Disney characters when little kids come up to you and think you really are a princess. The best thing I’ve ever done with cosplay was visiting children’s hospitals with Cosplay Volunteers of Atlanta.

Green Arrow vs. Bullseye, who wins?
As an Artemis cosplayer and huge Green Arrow fan, I’m sure I’m biased, but Green Arrow for sure!

Understated, but very experienced in the art of Cos, Yoko spreads her knowledge throughout the community and has lots of fun doing it.

She also hates Facebook.

Eff you Facebook.

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