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[stextbox id=”alert” caption=”Victoria’s Real Secrets.” image=”http://glompmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Victoria-Cosplay-3.jpg”]Cosplay Name:
Victoria Cosplay
How Long Have You Been Cosplaying?
Since 2006.
Favorite Cosplay you’ve done?
Tough call! I’ve enjoyed every character I have brought to life. My answer always changes. For now, I’ll say Mystique.
strong>Day Job?
I am the owner of a birthday party business and am a princess performer. I make appearances at parties as a fairy tale princess. I play games with the children, do makeovers and provide a variety of activities.
Social Media Links
Booking Email: cosplay.girl@yahoo.com[/stextbox]

Victoria Cosplay  (13)Tell us a little about the Hero Alliance and what it means to you?
The Heroes Alliance is a nation wide non-profit organization of volunteers who make super hero appearances at child related charities. Our goal is to bring a “real life” hero visit to children who really need it. We want to bring smiles to the faces of children who are medically fragile or under privileged. We have branches all over the United States that have grown the past 10 years.

I am the regional leader for the state of Pennsylvania. I started the branch in November of 2013. My work with the Heroes Alliance is very important to me. Several years ago I was in a car accident that left me in a wheel chair in addition to numerous injuries. I know what it’s like for your life to change in a blink of an eye. I also know the stages you go through when experiencing trauma. It’s so important to let happiness and love in. It’s part of the process of healing physically, mentally and emotionally. My late grandmother also believed in charity work and helping your fellow-man.

How did you end up in a wheelchair for nine months?
As I mentioned before, I was in an auto accident in 1999. I had 17 fractures, two blood transfusions and several surgeries. Two metal rods were surgically put into my right arm as well as a metal rod in my right leg. There’s also a bolt in my hip. I was in the Intensive Care Unit for several days and was in the hospital for months. Doctors were unsure if I would ever be able to walk again. That situation was a nightmare. Sometimes I would wake up after being medicated and forgot about the accident and where I was. I would start screaming in my hospital bed because I couldn’t get up. I couldn’t move and could not remember why.

I was transferred to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for therapy. They needed to see if I could gain my mobility back. Therapy was going well and they determined that if I kept making progress, I could finally be released and go home. I worked harder than I ever did in my entire life so I could get back to my family and our house. I was released but still in a wheel chair. I had to continue therapy several times a week and went to endless doctor appointments and had another surgery. I played a lot of Tomb raider during that time. I felt like I could walk again through Lara Croft. The doctors stated I should be walking again within a year to two and a half years. Because of my hard work and determination, I was walking again in 9 months.

I have since had the metal rods removed from my arms. I still have the rod in my leg and the bolt in my hip.

How have you come through all of your adversity to lead a happy life?
I think just living life can lead to the path of living a happy one. You learn from your mistakes and certain things you experience make you wiser. I’ve learned so much from so many things I have experienced. All the hard ships and pain can give you clarity in a way and you learn something from it.

It’s not easy and it comes down to, what are you going to do with everything you’ve suffered through? Will you learn from it, take away the wisdom and keep moving forward? Or will you become bitter and petty and lash out? I got to a point where I went through a spiritual awakening. I started to understand the Universe more. I began to meditate, read spiritual books and took part in writing exercises. I filtered out the negativity in my life, changed my perspective and am happier than I’ve ever been.

What has been the hardest thing about cosplay up to this point?
Finances are often a pain in the butt. There’s so many costumes I want to do and things I want to create but it’s not within my budget currently.

What other cosplayers have inspired your designs?
There are many costumers and cosplayers I admired such as Traci Hines, Margie Cox, Moonflower Cosplay, Lucid Cosplay, Elendriel, Alys Snuggiemouse Adamantium, Faces of Freya and Jay Justice.

Your blog has a pretty loyal, and large following. How has writing become such a creative outlet for you?
I’ve loved writing for as long as I could remember. As a child, I was writing Fan Fiction even before I knew what fan Fiction was. Everything from The Addams Family to ghost stories to Batman and Superman. I also wrote and drew my own comic strips. In school, whenever we had a writing assignments or an essay to write, that was always my favorite. Words and ideas just pour out of me. I find writing is easier than talking. Writing is an extension of my consciousness. It’s also therapeutic.

What are your thoughts on “sexy shaming”?
I don’t think a lot of people address “sexy shaming” from the same-sex, how do you approach this from your fans and internet trollers? It’s really sad because I feel that real women build each other up. They don’t tear each other down. Why attack me for having the same body parts as they do? I don’t reply to such petty, negative remarks. I delete their comments then ban them from my page. End of story.

Have you encountered much racism in the cosplay community, and if so, how do you deal with it?
Yes, I have encountered racism from the very beginning. It makes me angry. There are stupid people out there that will hate on you because of the color of your skin. How idiotic is that? I will never allow anyone to tell me I cannot costume because of the color of my skin and will keep on costuming.

If you were stranded on the side, which superhero would you call for a ride?
I want to fly with Superman. I use to dream about flying with Christopher Reeves when I was a little girl.

What’s the nerdiest thing about you?
Probably the fact that I have been a nerd my entire life, long before it was cool or trendy. I use to wear boy sized comic themed shirts because they didn’t make them for girls. I spun around the living room in my Wonder Woman pajamas and knocked over the coffee table. I use to carry Catwoman, Batman and Superman comics in my school books. I was made fun of and bullied for it. But it looks like I’m one of the cool kids now. LOL

Pie, Cake, or Cookies?
Red Velvet Cake!

If you had the ability to say one thing to every person in the world, what would it be?
Be excellent to each other.

And thus concludes our enlightening interview with Victoria Cosplay. Strength and courage can’t be taught, and she clearly possesses tons of the stuff, serving as an inspiration to all who cross her path.

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