15Q with Alexia Jean Grey

Welcome to our newest interview installment, 15Q. We couldn’t have picked a better first interview than the beautiful and talented Alexia Jean Grey. Her journey into cosplay has been a wild ride, full of ups and downs, but ultimately becoming one of today’s most recognized cosplayers. Her efforts place focus on body positivity within the community and promoting fun between cosplayers, not cattiness.

Her overall love for video games, comic books, and everything associated with being a loveable weirdo propels her into new levels of adorkableness.

She also took us into her bedroom. It was weird and wonderful. Enjoy.

[stextbox id=”alert” caption=”50 Shades of Grey” image=”http://glompmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Alexia-Jean-Grey-6.jpg”]Cosplay Name
Alexia Jean Grey
How Long Have You Been Cosplaying?
I’m hitting on my 7th year (omg where has time gone?!)
Favorite Cosplay you’ve done
It’s so hard to pick just one! I think my Warrior Princess Peach is my favorite! It was a super challenging costume and I love putting my twist on characters. (Shameless plug to Handsome Jordan Cosplay who collaborated with me on it!)
Day Job
Costume assistant and wig designer at local theaters as well as being a server!
Social Media Links
Website Name
Booking Email
Wigs and armor.[/stextbox]

Alexia Jean Grey  (9)What made you get into cosplay?
Well growing up in a small town and being one of the few geeky kids around I didn’t make to many friends as a kid. I also was terribly shy so my mom put me in theater to help get over my shyness and make friends. I think that’s where my fascination for costuming and acting really began. Something about playing different characters just made my little heart jump for joy.

I started making things at home and running around in my back yard playing pretend, however I really didn’t start cosplaying at conventions until I moved to Florida! I made friends with people who cosplayed and they brought me to my first convention, pretty much since then I became obsessed with the hobby!

Explain what cosplay means to you, but only use titles from your favorite movies and songs.
We’re only young and naïve and still we require certain skills, the mood it changes like the wind hard to control when it begins.

The bittersweet between my teeth trying to find the in-betweens, Fall back in love eventually.

(pretty much the love hate relationship of making stuff. The stress of building it and when its done you remember why you love doing it so much.)

Body shaming and harassment is growing, how do you deal with it and what advice would you give to other people who encounter it?
Actually when I started cosplaying I was a much heavier girl.

It actually motivated me to start eating healthy and working out. However even though I did drop a poop ton of weight I sometimes still get rude comments. It’s life though and I think over the years of being heavier it really toughened me up that it does not hurt me.

However with the boom of social media I feel like it almost frightens people who are just getting into the hobby or feels like they can’t cosplay because they are not near perfection of the characters.

Pretty much how I view it as people sometimes forget there are actual people behind these costumes and you can work on your Alexia Jean Grey  (8)cosplay for months and spend so much money and people are still going to poke out what’s “wrong”. I say just don’t sweat and be proud of yourself for everything you are and made, 98% the people who make those comments or harass you have never once made a cosplay so just brush it off your shoulders.

As you progress in the community, what trend have you seen that you aren’t very fond of?
Competitiveness. It’s a double edge sword with cosplaying being a part of pop culture these days. When I started going to conventions (before the real boom of social media and cosplay guests being a thing.) I remember I could run up to someone being the same character as me and we would just geek out over our fandom and ask each other about how we made everything, etc, etc.

I notice a lot now that if I am dressed in the same thing as someone, I get a bitch face… like it’s all of a sudden a battle to the death on who wore it better. It does not happen all the time, but I can recall a few moments of complimenting someone and just giving me a stink eye. The reason I started falling in love with this hobby and community is because we were all a bunch of weirdos, but when we walked through the convention everyone was your new best friend! Now I see a lot of cattiness and it sucks. Not to say it wasn’t a thing before, but I feel over the years it gets a more prominent.

What kind of nerdy stuff are you doing when you’re not building nerdy costumes?
I am a hugeeee gamer. Currently I am still playing Smash for 3ds is my spare time, fighting games are probably my all time favorite! I have also been trying to put pieces together for a new PC, so many games I want to play on PC but my crappy Dell laptop does not compute. I have also been re-watching One Piece from the first episode, I won’t get done any time soon haha. Also just sitting around dying to get the new Pokemon games!

Alexia Jean Grey  (5)Give us a rundown of “24-hours with AJG”
Wake up. No snooze for ten more minutes. Force myself to wake up. Pee. Think about deep things in the shower. Look at room and decide I will clean it tomorrow. Run over to theater so they can yell at me about things. Go home style wigs. About now I am on my 3rd coffee.

Take break sit on imgur for a while. Go back to theater organize tights and bras for the actors. Get yelled at more. Possibly might get things thrown at me. Start running around dropping off costume pieces at warehouse and theater. Probably got the wrong thing, why do I work here again. Eat lunch tell my self I will go to the gym at some point in my life again. Take things to post office to ship. Get glared at by employees because my shipping game is real.

Go home praying dogs didn’t poop on the floor. Walk dogs. Hang out with my fat cat for a bit. Get ready for work at the restaurant. Do make up girly things. Starting serving. Recommending all the steaks. Get out of work and go home. Probably have a glass of wine and start working on my cosplays. 70% of the time I end up watching Adventure Time. Back to sleeps.

If we walked into your bedroom, what level of weirdness would we find?
Well I usually bring over sooooo many boys that my room is decorated fantastically with My Little Pony Blankets and stuffed animals, and a life-sized Pikachu. Also disorganized comics all on my nightstand. About 50 Pop figures and an acceptable amount of statues. STICKERS EVERYWHEREEEEE.

I would say scale 1-10 it would be over 9000.

If you had an opportunity to make a costume for anyone in the world, who would it be and what cosplay would you make them?
I don’t know if I would have a specific character for them but I would die of happiness to design wigs for Lady Gaga and 2NE1.

Is there ever a time when social media becomes a black hole and you need to step away and deal with real life?
I actually feel like I am not on social media that much.I try to post every couple of days or so but sometimes I just need a few days without Facebook and go out and be social with friends.

I do admit I am pretty terrible when it comes sitting on Reddit I could probably sit around browsing all day. Pretty much over this last year I have not been checking and sharing things on my fanpage as much as I used to and pretty much just back to focusing on Alexia Jean Grey  (1)making things.

Three things that every cosplayer should own?
A really good pair of sheers. A really good pair of fabric scissors. And a lot of patience.

Cammy vs Black Widow, who walks away alive?
Very very tough but I would probably go with Widerz. She is a master of her craft and even though I think Cammy would put up a good a fight I think Widow just tips the scale a little more.

Donuts or Cookies?
Red Velvet Doughnuts :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!O79wyrhouwh

One thing that you would love to yell at the world?

How many “war wounds” have you gotten during building time? Go ahead, will give you time to count.
The fact my body has not become a giant scab is amazing. I am little clumsy when it comes to my heat gun especially. Accidentally dropped it on me more times than I am willing to admit. I say with every cosplay comes at least 3 battle scars.

One thing that no one knows about you, but you’re going to tell us anyway? 
I have a lot of social anxiety. When I feel anxious I have a tendency to make weird noises or say random things. A lot of people think I am very outgoing but I am still rather shy on the inside. I really really really hate awkward silence.

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