About Glomp

New York Comic Con 2013 - Day 2Glomp is a new website and magazine for the cosplay industry. Our focus is to create a legitimate editorial element for cosplayers.

Our goal is to highlight the hard work and dedication that it takes to create costumes, to give some recognition to cosplayers that have maintained a high-quality of excellence over the years, and to encourage newbies to cosplay for the love of the art, not for likes.

One thing that we notice out of every legitimate cosplayer is that they don’t do this for popularity or money, they’re passionate about creating something out of nothing. Putting their own spin on a costume is a dream. Following through long days and nights of building with no compensation other than an internal gratification of creative expression.

99.9% of cosplayers have day jobs. They spend their money, but most importantly their time creating so they can share with their fans.

Glomp provides interviews, news, tutorials, and other cos related material to give the industry a rock-solid editorial outlet for cosplayers, and fans.

As you browse our site, you’ll notice minimal and thoughtful advertising and ZERO click bait articles. At the core, we’re publishing purists, and want the best delivery of content for our readers.

Glomp on.