Alexa Karii

Alexa Karii (AK) is a cosplayer and avid video game junkie that hails from the land of Boston, Massachusetts. Better known as the home of Bill Burr, Mark Wahlberg, The Red Sawx, and the word Wicked.

Karii has been cosplaying for about two years, but has a background in photography has made her cosplay transition pretty seamless.

” I have been doing self-portrait photography since I was 14 and from there I wanted to get more and more creative with how I could dress myself up and create new photos.”

While AK’s name may seem pretty run-of-the-mill, the origin is rather interesting, as she explained,

Alexa came from one of my friends at school. After summer break he had a brain fart and count remember my name so I asked him to guess. He said “Alexa”…the Russian spy. Me being Russian I found that funny and rolled with it.I then went on to add “Karii” which is “brown-colored” such as hair or eyes, and I have both.”

As we said before, AK is a video game junkie and admittedly plays for hours a day if she can get away with it, but that doesn’t distract her from cosplaying. She describes her style as realistic. She focuses on nailing down the key elements of each character and then adding some flavor of personality.

She’s quick to say that she can’t nail down one cosplay, or cosplayer as a favorite, but more so the effort that’s put into a costume and something that really grabs her attention. An 8-ft Transformer, towering inferno, or anything that displays a helluva lot of hours, blood, sweat, and tears.

That might sound a bit cliché, but the truth of the matter is, cosplaying is hard work. It’s not stopping off at the cosplay store and saying, I’ll have the Moon Moxxi. There are countless hours, frustration, and creativity wrapped into every costume that ultimately translates each cosplayer’s creative spirit.

“The biggest struggle I’ve come across with cosplay is Learning new ways to create things alone. If you can get someone to teach you, I’ve found it 10-times easier.”

As far as the community as a whole, AK expressed that she’s grateful to be a part of the cos family,

“I love how inviting and diverse it is. You can meet so many amazing people and get super creative. For the most part the cosplay community can be a wonderful place to just be yourself and feel at home.”

Some other key issue that we like cosplayers to weigh in on are related to the sexual nature of cosplay, and the struggle with body image. We’re always delighted with the responses, as each cosplayer makes very valid points.

Here’s AK’s take on cosplayers being criticized about sexy cosplay.

“There is a line between accurate, because let’s be honest some comic book characters are extremely sexualized straight for the comic book. I think as a girl (I can’t speak for guys) but its more when jealousy kicks in is when it becomes a problem. If we feel insecure compared to a sexy cosplayer we will find it as “wrong” or “hyper sexual”.

With that said, let’s jump into the struggle with body image, which for AK has a very different meaning, being that she battles to keep weight on and stay healthy.

“For me personally I struggle with staying at a healthy weight as I can lose weight rapidly without warning. I know a lot of people would die to have that issue but it can be scary and hard to control if you don’t monitor yourself. I get prone to sickness a lot more. I have been pegged for being anorexic or bulimic.”

In the matter of cosplay body image, AK gives one of the best responses I’ve heard,

“In cosplay there is a huge issue with body image. It all depends on what kind of people you surround yourself with. The majority of people who follow more sexualized cosplayer will be more hostile towards body image. That is why I am very careful about where I let my images float around. I want a very respectful set of followers rather than just a bunch of spam likes of people who might be more prone to picking on people online.”

As a newer cosplayer, AK had some advice for the newbies,

“Be yourself, do what you love, never try to do things for attention. The more you gain from being yourself the better you will feel over time. Cosplay is all about learning , growing , and showing your love for whatever you want. Get creative , reach out for help if you need it and don’t be afraid of being judged.”

And there you have it, a truly introspective look at cosplay from Alex Kerii. Follow her cosplay adventures on Facebook.

And to close it out, we have a few fun facts from AK47.

Favorite junk food? MCD’s and Taco Bell…..mmmm 😀

Favorite meal? Anything with seafood. I love everything from salmon to sushi.

Favorite activity outside of cosplay? Video Games. Because I’m out of school I now have all the time in the world to dedicate to it and it’s awesome! Video games have consumed my life 😀

Best place you’ve ever traveled? London. I love London so much and try to go back as much as I can. The city is full of so many amazing people and you never get bored. Always something to see or do.

What’s the weirdest thing someone has said to you either on social media or at a con? One guy who was apparently high out of his mind ask me if my Facebook had “you know… more sexy stuff”. It was a bit strange.

Favorite superhero? Superman but more Clark Kent. I’ve loved him ever since I was little. Being adopted I really looked up to him.

Favorite character to cosplay? Any Assassins creed character! STEALTH MODE ACTIVATE!

What’s the one thing you want to accomplish with your cosplay? Inspire people to create and know they can be anything!



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