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Amie Lynn Cosplay (3)Amie Lynn (AL) aka Amie Lynn aka Misshabit is one of the truly kindred spirits of the cosplay community. The soft-spoken, witty, and quirky college student has amassed a legion of fans over the past 7 years, skyrocketing her social media popularity to some 300k+ faithful followers.

Lynn, a journalism major, takes it all in stride, as she remains true to her nerdy self. You might see her looking like she walked right off of the runway, dolled up for a photo shoot, or you might catch her picking her nose…It’s a roll of the dice.

The one thing you’ll walk away from after a meeting with Amie Lynn, a new nerdy friend. She’s 100% un-fooled around with, just like that fancy orange juice commercial.

We had the pleasure of catching Amie Lynn between classes and cosplay to ask her a few questions. In typical fashion, AL’s answers are well crafted and adorably sarcastic.

Enjoy the Amie Lynn experience.
[stextbox id=”alert” caption=”Old MissHabits Die Hard” image=””]Cosplay Name
Amie Lynn or MissHabit
How Long Have You Been Cosplaying?
7 years
Favorite Cosplay you’ve done?
Yuna! …or maybe my female Raiden!
Day Job
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So, you’ve been in cosplay for a gazillion years, what about it do love so much?
I think the main reason I haven’t stopped cosplaying is because I’ve made some really special friends through going to conventions and cosplaying together. It’s a Amie Lynn Cosplayergreat outlet to meet people and geek out over the same things!

No crazy cosplay name for you, what made you go minimalist?
I guess it’s always been my preference. Plus my taste changes so I would have hated to be stuck with something that I would never be able to change again. Imagine: Noodles4lyfeprincess Cosplay … or something. Well actually I don’t think I would ever hate noodles so…

What does your logo mean? It looks very celestial.
Thanks! I wanted something that was timeless and sort of embodied me as a person, not just a cosplayer. Also, Final Fantasy was a huge part of my childhood too so I definitely wanted it to look somewhat of that style.

What was your most challenging build?
I always say Natsu but now that I think about it and if I were to remake Natsu… I don’t think it would be difficult at all. But every build has a challenge of its own and I always get to learn something new and use that skill or technique in future costumes!

I would venture say that people have taken notice of your skillset as a cosplayer. How does it feel to have a legion of loyal fans, and why do you think so many people follow your cos career?
I ask myself that all the time haha. I’m definitely not the most skilled cosplayer, or the prettiest, or most involved in the community. I think that people just appreciate that I’m very real – and true to my own regards.

When you first hit 100k likes, was it a moment, or did you take it all in stride?
OH YEAH IT WAS A TOTAL MOMENT. It happened around the same time I got to go to Tokyo too!! So my brain was all over the place that month.  

Amie Lynn Cosplay (4)Is there ever a point when the social media vacuum becomes too much?
I’m a firm believer in backing away from the internet when it is too much to handle. Being in college, I’ve definitely backed away and kind of have been forced to learn how to prioritize my time and effort.  

What’s your philosophy on being happy with yourself?
I think the first is to compete with only yourself, and don’t compare yourself with others. I want to grow as an individual; the success and failures of others should not impact my progress. The second is that even though we are not in control of the outcome, we shouldn’t stop from trying our hardest.

Pairing these two creeds makes life a lot easier and personally, more gratifying!

What’s a day in the life of Amie look like?

What’s your college major and what do plan on after graduating?
Journalism! Although I eventually want to work helping people somehow. We’ll see how it plays out.

How busy does cosplay keep you at this stage in your life?
Depends on the level of my motivation and the time of year. Summers – I live it.

What’s been your gaming obsession as of late?
Destiny. Destiny. DESTINY.

We recently wrote an article on sexual harassment in cosplay, what’s your take on sexy cosplaying, and inappropriate behavior on social media and at conventions?
I think that people deserve to treat others with respect, no exceptions. Those who act inappropriately… I just can’t even understand honestly. Some things are beyond me.

How would you measure success in general?
Success shouldn’t be measured in money, power, or social capital. It should be measured in the depths of your heart. Measure success with how much you smile, how Amie Lynn Cosplay (5)many times you laugh, how deeply you love.

As you progress in your career, where do you see cosplay taking you?
I don’t want to ever see cosplay taking me anywhere. It’s always going to be seen as a hobby. Any opportunities that branch from cosplay I will never ever expect to come my way.

What other creative outlets do you excel in outside of cosplay?
I like to write. I write a lot. I’ve always loved creating art as well, although honestly with cosplay that happens more rarely.

We’re littered with Share4Shares on our page. While it gets annoying from a volume perspective, it has introduced us to some fantastic cosplayers, what are your thoughts on S4S?
I like sharing work from other cosplayers and I do it frequently! I never expect anything in return and often I don’t even tell them I am doing it. I think that S4S allow us to learn about new people who maybe I never knew about before. I like seeing new costumes and cosplayers.  

What has been the most frustrating part about cosplaying?
Hmmm. Probably not have unlimited time or resources to make all of the things I would love to make!

What is one misconception about cosplay that you would like to put to rest?
Cosplay is fun but it isn’t always fun. Sometimes it gets stressful and overwhelming. If it isn’t fun anymore – take a break! Rest! Then go back to it!

If you had to take one superhero clothes shopping with you, who would it be?
The Flash probably! I don’t particularly like shopping so at least with him I know it would be a quick trip to the mall. I prefer online shopping from my bed. :3

Yoko vs. Moxxi, who walks away alive?

If Cher and Prince walked asked you for cosplay ideas, who would they be?
Cher would be Satsuki, Prince would be Mugen?!

Favorite food?
SUSHI. All day everyday… haha just kidding BUT I WISH.

The best superhero movie you’ve seen?
Meh – not huge about superhero movies but I guess Guardians of the Galaxy!

The worst you’ve seen?

Something nobody should know about you, but you’re going to tell us anyway.
Nice try, but there is a reason why nobody should know it. 😉

Photo Credits: Adam Patrick Murray,Joits Photography, I must be dead Photography, JW Cosplay Photography, Photographes Sans Frontieres, Saffels Photography.



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