Anna from Frozen

Cosplayer: Courtoon

Cosplay: Anna from Frozen

Photo Credits:  Cospix,

Courtoon, animator by day, and self-professed Disney fanatic by night is by far one of the best Disney cosplayers in the US. This time we’re treated to  Princess Anna, the feisty younger sister of Princess Elsa, from the Disney mega-hit, Frozen.

We’re pretty sure Disney developed Courtoon in a Disney cosplay lab in order to handle all of the Disney related madness. She assimilates every facet of her characters in realism, taking her fans on a journey with each and every adorable rendition. Her sewing, accuracy, wig styling, and makeup is all perfection, but what really makes her projects come to life, her vivid expressions.

She’s the master of everything cute, and we love everything about her awesome.


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