Bartertown Guard from Mad Max

Cosplayer: Hydra

Cosplay: Bartertown Guard

Hydra steps outside of the box and creates a menacing version of a Bartertown Guard from Mad Max. Bartertown is the main hub for commerce in the desolate Outback of Australia, better known as the wasteland. Guards are under the authority of Iron Bar and don’t waste time with guns. Their weapons of choice are spiked bats, whips, chainsaws, and nunchakus. Sound like our kind of party.

Hydra does a fantastic job nailing the punk-heritage of the guards, showcasing spiked shoulder pads to match with her spiked hair and overall angry demeanor. Great to see edgy costumes and scenery so well executed not only as a personal costume but also as a group project.

All hail Hydra, and her merry band of misfits.

Photo Credits: Vaillancourt


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