Body Paint Carnage and Venom Showdown!

Cosplayers: Northern Belle Rogue (NBR) and Shelle-Chii (SC)

Cosplay: Venom (Shelle-Chii), The Symbiote alien that needs to bond itself to a human form in order to exact its malevolent goals upon the city. Initially, Venom chose Peter Parker as its host, until Parker finally freed himself.  Northern Belle Rogue, (whose Groot was featured) is Carnage, the even darker counterpart of Venom. Completely lacking a moral compass and human feelings, Carnage is the embodiment of pure evil, driving Venom and Spidey to form an alliance to defeat him.

NBR and SC do a fantastic job of this daring body-paint shoot with the help of the uber-talented Artistic Curves, who performed the photography and body paint for the project.


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