Cos Talent

The Surreal Life of Pix


Pix, an 18-year-old artist and cosplayer, shares her gallery of artworks with Glomp magazine, and we’re pretty glad she did. Her work, which plays in the realm of [...]

The Gallery of Graziano


Crystal Graziano is by far one of the most talented classical artists we’ve seen at Glomp Magazine. With her focus on portraits and figures, she’s crafted stellar [...]

Megan Coffey’s Art Symposium


By far our largest collection of art thus far, we explore the talents of  cosplayer Megan Coffey, aka Starbuxx. A wide variety of paintings, drawings, sculptures and other [...]

Courtoon’s Cartoons

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In this installment of CosTalent, we chronicle the artistic explorations of one cosplayer simply known as Courtoon. A self-professed Disney princess fanatic and hermit, [...]

Heather Leet’s Art and Sweet Ties.


Heather Leet aka Heather 1337 not only cosplays, she’s a talented painter, and tier of fabric. The cosplay community is full of creative souls, and Heather is no [...]