C&C Cosplay Factory’s Junketsu

Cheetos/CheeBang Bang (CCBB), the second half of the C&C Cosplay Factory, sets the bar high with her cosplay of Junketsu from Kill la Kill. The Junkestu is not a person, but a ‘god robe’ that grants super powers. However, in exchange for those powers, it feeds from the blood of the suit wearer.

CCBB debuted this at Dragon Con to a very much approving crowd of fans. Great construction, overall realism, and very daring design.

CCBB received a boatload of questions regarding her costume, these are her responses.

(*Source, Facebook)

What are the eyes made of? EVA foam mats purchased at Harbor Freight. Other armor-like pieces are made from craft foam and styrene plastic.

Aren’t you worried about flashing people/wardrobe malfunction? No! The panties are taped in place to secure the front using wig tape & fashion tape. Anyone who has ever worn a thong can attest that the strings typically do not move around unless it is too loose. The top is secured to my bra, so there is zero chance of my boobs flying around.

What are the dress codes at cons/how are you getting away with not wearing pants? 98% of cons would never, I repeat, NEVER let anyone walk around in this costume. Very few allow this sort of attire as long as it is within convention grounds. Dragon*Con is one such con that is relaxed about attire (they allow just body paint and underwear). Check your local con in advance and be prepared to change if asked to. It’s still private property, rules are rules!

Isn’t that uncomfortable? The shoulder pieces/eyes are the most uncomfortable. They are a bit heavy, and tend to migrate outward which requires periodic wrangling. Overall though, it’s not too bad! The cloth parts are made of polyester spandex so it’s really easy to move around in.

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Photo credits: Photosnsx, David Ngo, John Jiao, Affliction Cosplay Photography




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