Club Cosplay Puts Nerds in The VIP

Club cosplay 2Club Cosplay (CC), a specialty club in the Los Angeles and San Diego area, has set the nerd world on fire with the opening of two venues specifically for cosplayers. That’s right guys and gals, cosplayers have their own club.

As if the gates of Mordor have opened and out popped Darth Vader with Batman and Pikachu, rejoice nerds, your time for world domination has come.

No more are cosplayers regulated to wear their costumes just at conventions, the world is their oyster with a fully-fledged swanktastic discotheque, bar and all-round rompa room of fantasmic activities.

Club Cosplay prides itself on creating a welcoming and hassle free experience for cosplayers. The “Nerd Safe” moniker is labeled on all CC events, implementing a strict code of conduct so that everyone can have a safe and enjoyable time while dressed as their favorite super-duper person.

CC also has giveaways, contests, competitions, and other fun stuff specific for the cosplay community and their other nerdy counterparts.

The CC host is actor, cosplayer, and nerd enthusiast Bernie Bergman, and playing hostess is cosplayer/Vamptress, LeeAnna Vamp. The two add an awesome dynamic to the atmosphere, making every show a star-studded event.

What a great concept, and perhaps the coolest tree house ever. We hope to see more Club Cosplays pop up over the country. Check out CC on their website or Facebook page.

Also, check out this Club Cosplay Introduction video with LeeAnnaVamp, she’s not wearing pants.

Video credits: Dweebcast



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