CosPortraits’ New 52 Super Girl Shoot

Photographers Isaac and Leah Hsieh, owners of F27 Photography, a business mostly focusing on wedding and portrait photography, also double as cosplay photographers.

Their project, CosPortraits is a combined effort to capture the most engaging images while the two are traveling to comic conventions. Completely funded from their love for cosplay, the duo shoots when and where they can, but when they strike, it’s pretty much gold.

Their latest New 52 SuperGirl shoot is well composed with great depth of background, color saturation, and dramatic flare. There are only four images to the set thus far, but they’re more than worth it. The contrast between the rocks and blue sky is vividly moving, and the sunset shots are striking and emotive.

All around great imagery, with plenty more to come.

Check out CosPortraits on Facebook, or visit F27 Photography on their website.

Cosplayer credit: Artful Anarchy

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