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David Love IIOur CosTography spotlight this week is the uber-talented photographer, David Love (DLP). Over the past 10 years, Love has been perfecting his craft, and the results we see in the present day are magnificent depth, poignant storytelling, and gripping composition. Love, who is based in Oviedo, Florida, has photographed a wide variety of cosplayers that include Jennifer Ann, Heather 1337, and Megan Coffey.

More than his exceptional eye for photo composition, Love is also an accomplished graphic artist, adding another dynamic component to his images.

As you browse through DLP’s cos portfolio, you’ll notice the infinite amount of design genius draping each image. It might be fire, it might be a war-torn apocalyptic scene of anarchy, you just never know what visual treat your eyes may encounter.

Most of DLP’s work is shot in the studio, which gives him a better pallet for his design manipulation. Love is somewhat of a photo purist, stating that today’s generation is ok with phones and Facebook video for memories.

I can’t disagree, memories are only as good as your last upload, a disposable sense of sentimentalism has become a pervasive epidemic…One that Love would prefer not to preserve.

A fan of bokeh, a photo style that blurs certain elements of an image while focusing on the lead image, Love recounts his fondest memories of his childhood photographs. Pictures taken with a 35 MM film camera, not an iPhone that can feed your cat while reciting the Declaration of Independence.

And that old school spirit combined with technology smarts is what DLP one of the greats.

Check out more of David Love Photography on Facebook, visit his multimedia site TFD, and keep an eye out for his newest book project, Cosplay Composition.

Cosplayer Credits: Dahlia Thomas, Heather 1337, JG, Handsome Jordan, Midreavus M, Stephanie Alicia, Jenifer Ann, Mowseler, Jessica Reyes, Veron, Ellei Marie, Gary Sterley

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