Erri Kitten’s Motorized Patriot is Pure Joy

It’s not every day that we get wowed at Glomp. There are so many talented cosplayers and photographers that break the mold, but today we’re floored with Erri Kitten’s rendition of The Motorized Patriot from the video game Bioshock Infinite.

The Motorized Patriot was initially created to be a tour guide in the city of Columbia, but when war between the factions erupted, they were reprogrammed for ass-kicking domination. And that’s where Erri Kitten comes in. EK’s make-up, outfit construction, and wig styling is top flight.

Photography and post-editing by Whiskey & Rye made each shot look like they came straight from the video game. It’s great to see some unconventional cosplay projects that raise the bar of creativity for the rest of the community. Bravo to the entire Kitten team.

Also, a George Washington fighting robot. Look at it.

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