‘Fat Cosplayers 2.0’ Shut Down

fb pageLast week the cosplay community went into an uproar when a page called “Fat Cosplayers 2.0” popped up on Facebook. The page consisted highlighted pictures of cosplayers who were overweight. Most of the pictures were taken without knowledge of what the site owner was using them for.

After they were posted, derogatory marks were made by the site admin. The comments poured in on the page chastising the site, owner, and Facebook for allowing an obvious bullying and shaming page to continue on. After hundreds of complaints, and pleas from other cosplayers to their fans, Facebook shut the page down on October 13th.

Cosplay is supposed to be a hobby, for everyone and anyone who wants to enjoy the art form. Body shaming and degrading people on any level has no place in something that is meant for liberation and expression of creativity.

Cosplay harassment is a running problem on social media. Women are constantly degraded with sexually explicit comments and messages. Cosplay veteran, Abby Dark Star, considered leaving social media all together because of the constant barrage of inappropriate messages.

It’s not like cosplayers are porn stars, they’re dressing up as comic book characters. For fun. Most have day jobs, and put in hellish hours creating their cosplays. Social media has given them the ability to share their creations with the world. While most soar in popularity, they shy away from attention, but the floodgates have been opened to boorish behavior, putting damper on an otherwise quirky and overall jovial hobby.

As cliché as this may sound, let’s keep in mind that cosplayers are people. They’re not insulated from hurtful comments and people just being assholes. Can you admire the art and beauty of an attractive women, absolutely. We get it, cosplay can be sexy, but let’s keep it in perspective. If you can’t seem to do that, maybe cosplay isn’t the right place for you.




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