Genderbend Spock from Star Trek

Cosplayer: Jackie”Spider Girl” (JSG)

Cosplay: Spock, the cute and cuddly Vulcan captain from Star Trek. You may have heard of it. Quick fact, Spock was a lover of literature, poetry, music and art. He could also kill you with one hand. So, there’s that.

JSG lands this rendition with perfection and intent, crafting an amazing costume that would make Uhura proud. Fellow cosplayer, Jessica LG, created the Spock dress for JSG, and it’s all gravy. The seams are spot on, coloring and fabric choice is well thought out, and the insignia adds more to the authentic aura. Genderbends can be tricky, but this is one of the more flawless transitions we’ve seen.

Wig styling is robust, and in the words of great Vulcan warriors light years ahead of our species…”those ears though.”

Photo Credits: Templar Digital




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