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MuckIn our first installment of Kick-Ass Kickstarters, we highlight a prequel horror movie project called Muck. The film is a true amalgamation of good ol’ fashion horror movies, with zero CGI, and plenty of over-the-top death, destruction and terror. The Muck project is a trilogy, with the original hitting movie theaters next year.

Muck is the brainchild of writer and director Steve Wolsh, It took just 19 days to shoot the original film in wetlands of New England; Hence the name, Muck.

After he gave up on 9 to 5 life, sold everything he owned and jumped into the movie making business, Wolsh has seen some notable successes.

He recently sold Muck distribution rights to Anchor Bay Entertainment, one of the most prolific production companies in the world, distributing other horror movie titles such as Halloween, Dawn of The Dead, and Children of The Corn.

They also distribute a little TV show called The Walking Dead. No big deal.

Starring in the prequel will be fellow cosplayers LeeAnna Vamp, and Nicole Marie Jean, you may have heard of them. Not to be spoilers, but we’re pretty sure Vamp gets killed in the movie…She’s a vampire though, so I’m sure she’ll regenerate somewhere else.

The project has eclipsed the 100k mark, with a goal of 250k by December 12th, and there are tons of swag items for supporting the project: Vamp clothing, combo packs with Nicole Marie Jean, and even a role in the film…You’ll probably be killed, but hey, that’s life. Your 15 minutes of fame will end in a bloody mess, much like the rest of reality TV wash-ups.

For more information on the project, visit the Muck Kickstarter, Website, or Facebook

To creep on cosplayers, visit LeeAnna Vamp or Nicole Marie Jean


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