Gilly Kin’s Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch is probably one of the more intriguing superheroes in the Marvel Universe. She’s the daughter of Magneto, twin sister of Quicksilver, and half-sister of Polaris. She has the ability to alter reality, probability, and welds chaos magic, which in a nutshell is pretty bad for everyone in the general vicinity.

Scarlet has loads of crime-fighting affiliations, 8 to be exact, with her most notable being the Avengers.

Canadian cosplayer, Gilly Kins, decided to take a crack at reprising Scarlet and does a fantastic job at recreating the alluring terror that SW possesses.

Here’s what GK had to say about her build:

“My suit is made from a two-way stretch red PVC that has a little extra glitter to it. The suit is fully-boned with spiral steel and zips up the back. The boots and gloves are made from the same PVC. My cape is a full half-circle with a cowl neck made from a lightweight cotton velvet. I purchased a pair of Mondor dance tights and custom dyed them pink. My beautiful headpiece is made by Snikt Shop.”

The magnificent cape that GK created was also a point of conversation

“I have a bit of a cape obsession. For me capes have quickly become a ‘go big or go home’ situation. I’m a tall lady (5″10 without heels) and I like to make my capes massive which eats countless meters of fabric.”

All hail Maximoff.

Photo Credits: Sebastian Jespersen, Cesar Vivid, ASPhotography, Paul Hillier, Photosnxs

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