Gogo Incognito’s Mad Moxxi

The state of Tennessee is pretty lucky. They get to hold onto Gogo Incognito (GI), a cosplayer that puts a unique and carefree flare to each one of her projects. For this Cosplay of the Day, we look at her Mad Moxxi. GI does a phenomenal job on make up, costuming, and overall realism. Her face is one of the closest I’ve seen to actually looking like the video game.

I would clearly be lying to say that boobs aren’t a factor in this particular cosplay. Moxxi’s boobs are “out there” in the game and GI does a smash-up job putting hers within the same realm of realism.

In the most literal sense possible, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”.

**On a side note, the subject of this article expressed having some unsure feelings about us talking about her chest, and we would like to clear something up. We’re not a skin mag here at Glomp, looking for the next cosplayer with the most cleavage to feature. We understand that a certain level of “sexiness” is going to follow particular cosplays, and in that respect, Moxxi is one of those characters.

Our focus on featuring a cosplayer is never their anatomy, and if you browse through our publication, you will notice that theme reigns very true.

We picked GI’s costume because it was one of the best that we’ve seen. Quality always wins over cleavage here.**

Other awesomeness in the rest of the costume include the boots, jacket, and other custom accessories.

Gogo. Winning.

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Photo Credits: TB Photography, Lawrence Brenner, Thompson Plyler




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  1. Gogo is a totally awesome young lady and a fantastic cosplayer! Can’t wait to see and photograph her again at Comic-Con next year! 🙂

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