Grifter’s Deathstroke

Grifter is no stranger to being our Cosplay of The Day, his Bucky America mash-up was one of our favorites, and now we’re throwing another brilliant costume into the mix with his rendition of Deathstroke, the somewhat angry and vindictive arch-enemy of Oliver Queen, aka, The Green Arrow.

From the mask to the armor, and everything in between, Grifter, who actually makes props for a living, kills this cosplay, with a little help from his pals Aaron Smith, who made the armor, and Jessie Melero, who constructed the helmet. The painting, damage, and aging is spot on, and the overall construction is flawless. This is movie-level quality, no fibs.

We’re excited to see such great talent coming out of the male demographic, as many of them don’t get the notoriety in the vast sea of female costumers.

This cosplay, however, deserves a *slow clap* Way to go, lads.

Photo Credits: Adam Jay


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