Heather Leet’s Art and Sweet Ties.

Heather Leet aka Heather 1337 not only cosplays, she’s a talented painter, and tier of fabric. The cosplay community is full of creative souls, and Heather is no exception. She creates small oil paintings of Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and even hand-makes Star Wars bow ties. How awesome is that? Pretty awesome.

And the quality of brush work and attention to detail is something to be noticed. She can go minimalist with very little brush strokes but clearly getting across her imagery, or provide great detail, shading and depth. It’s truly an art piece. Albeit nerdy, but is there any better kind?

After some gentle prodding from fans, Leet recently started crafting 8-bit cartoon characters out of beads. That’s right, you can own a digitized Mega-Man, Bulbasaur or any of the various other designs she created.

I’m looking forward to seeing a larger SW painting at some point and time. The nerd art market is strong.
If you want some of Heather’s art, visit her page


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  1. Amazing work

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