Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth

Cosplayer: Crissy’s Curious Cosplay (CCC)

Cosplay: Hikaru Shidou, the headstrong, and somewhat tomboyish main character of the Manga series, Magic Knight Rayearth (MKR). She uses fire spells and crimson lightning. MKR is unique in its birth, as one of the only Manga series to be created by an all-female team.

Triple C  steps out of the box and really does a phenomenal job creating a pretty spot-on rendition of Hikaru. Her armor is smooth and fluid, giving it an almost manufactured look and feel. Her warrior crown, sword, and other adornments are meticulously crafted, truly showcasing her talent.

We’re looking forward to seeing more of Triple C’s work. Make sure to visit her Facebook page for updates on her future projects, charity work, and silliness.

Photo Credits: CMS

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