Holy S*#T Look at This Space Marine

Gary Sterley just swooped in and stole our nerdy hearts with a showstopper of a costume. His rendition of a Crimson Fist Space Marine from the tabletop strategy game, Warhammer 40k, just scorched the interwebs with pure genius and craftmastery (we just made up that word, we’re pretty proud of it).

Every, and I mean every part of this costume is meticulously created to perfection. Coloring is spot on, weaponry is flawless, and overall this one of the best cosplays we’ve ever seen.

It took months on end to finish this mega-build. Materials used were eva and polyethylene foam, 3-d printed pieces, wood, pvc, and various other components.

Sterley, a graphic designer based in the Florida region, recently got into prop design and costume design, and it’s paid off in a big way, showcasing some of his innate building and fabrication skills.

If this is only beginning in GS’s cosplay journey, look out world, there’s plenty more brilliant on the way.

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Photo Credits: David Love

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