Holy S*#T!: This Night Elf Hunter

Oshley Cosplay, who started costuming in 2013, just broke our brains with a prodigious version of a World of Warcraft Night Elf Hunter, wearing Tier 8 Conqueror’s Scourgestalker armor.

For those that don’t know, Night Elf Hunters are the first race to awaken in the World of Warcraft. They’re reclusive and started out as most of us do in our youth, reckless with little concern for much around them. Fast forward current day and they’re honorable and compassionate, but generally untrusting of younger races.

They’re primarily nocturnal, fierce users of powerful magic, and they never age. Most look upon them with awe and wonder.

Well, let the awe and wonder continue with Oshley’s costume; completely flawless, intricate, and verbosely fantastic, leaving no detail unearthed.

Here’s what Oshley had to say about her build:

“This costume took me 5ish months to put together, starting in early February and ending end of July for Northwest Fan Fest. This was my first experience with Worbla thermoplastic, but I took to the material quickly considering I used Wonderflex for the base of Alexstrasza’s armour a few months beforehand. Other materials and techniques include craft foam, Friendly Plastic, fur and fabric detailing, LED circuitry, rubber mold making and polyester resin casting, wood burning, acrylic painting and armour fixing (to support weight and promote ease of movement).”

From the weapon to her crazy big eyebrows, Oshley just knocks the Darnassian right out of us in the most brilliant way. Visit Oshley on Facebook for more updates on her future projects.

Glomp on.
Photo Credits: Jason Chau, York in a Box, Undiscovered, Rale, The Will Box,

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