Holy S*&T This Warrior T13 From WoW Broke My Brain.

glompmag.comYuks General (YG), an LA-based cosplayer, took it upon herself to construct something out of this world…World of Warcraft that is. Ok, that might be a terrible pun, but I had to work it in there somewhere.

YG created this Warrior T13/Blackhand mashup from WoW, Warlords of Draenor, and we couldn’t be more impressed. Everything about this costume is perfection, from the painting to weaponry, to say this is created exquisite detail is an understatement.

YG details her build for us.

“Armor mostly made by 1 inch and 1/4 inch L200, 1/2 inch garage floor mat, 1/4 inch athlete mat. Horns are made by 2 inch pink foam (jig saw -> blade -> 80 grit sandpaper -> 200 grit -> dremel, then 3 layers wood glue and plastidip) . Helmet horns made by 3d printing (PLA filament then a lot of sanding). If u know me well, I connect everything by velcro and shoelaces, but u need a hide them well.

Weapon made by 1-inch diameter PVC pipe, 1 inch and 1/4 inch L200, 1/2 inch garage floor mat, The grill is clear acrylic sheet painted by acrylic paint so the light can shimmer through. Inside is 2 mount LEDs and some hanging ribbons.
Both armor and weapon are hand-painted, primed by plastidip. gunmetal, solid bronze, gold+champagne, flame/lava by neon orange+red, neon orange+yellow.”

But this just isn’t any other cosplay build. WoW has a special place in YG’s heart, as she explains here.

“WoW means more than just a game to me. I started to play since the beta. Back in those days, quest does not show on the map, and none of the mine, herb or quest item glows in the game, so you literally have to read the quest info to guess when the things are at. There was no battleground. So when we were bored, we go raid the Stormwind city lol.

I came to the US during high school, then I started to play in the American server. I barely speak any English and I didn’t have many friends in those days, so my social life was pretty much on WoW. I learned “Lor’Tar O’gar” earlier than I learned “how are you doing”. This is probably why I still talk Horde ish even now lol.”

Enjoy all of this awesome sauce, and make sure to follow Yuks General on Facebook.

Photo credits: James Phan, Cos Portraits, Shutter Foo,

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