Jenn Croft’s Aspen Matthews Build

ConceptartIt’s painfully obvious that cosplay is not for the faint of heart, but sometimes we come across builds that just go the extra mile. We like to call them Epic Builds. Indulge us if you will.

In this installment of EP, cosplayer Jenn Croft builds an intricate costume modeled after Aspen Matthews, the star of the Top Cow comic series, Fathom.

This is Jenn’s detailed account of her build. Click on any image to start the slide show, narrated by Miss Croft. While Jenn is known for her Tomb Raider cosplay, she went another direction with Fathom.

The Aspen Matthews build definitely challenged her costuming skills and put her out of the Lara Croft world for a little while.

The build also almost knocked her out…Cosplay unconsciousness is no laughing matter. Or, maybe it is. Read on.








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