JVD’s Punisher

Our Cosplay of The Day comes by way of Jennifer Van Damsel (JVD), a relatively new cosplayer hailing from the big ol’ state of Texas. Fun fact, Texas is the countries largest producer of wool. So, to all of you Texas cosplayers, we want to see more wool-based cosplays. We’ll just let that sink in and get back to this pretty sinister cosplay.

JVD got very creative and came up with a genderbend cosplay of The Punisher, and might I say, she pulled it off with great magnificence.

Outfitted with a custom shoulder piece fitted with spikes, chains, and everything else you would need to go on a vindictive killing spree. Or take part in the most intense death deck hockey game on the planet.

Make up and hair played a big role in the look, adding a devious and malignant aura surrounding JVD. Overall look, feel and execution made this cos one to remember.

To visit JVD, she has this new thing called a Facebook page? I don’t know, I think it’s a fad. Crazy internet.

Photo credits: JR Flood

Video, Hair and Makeup: Lady Paint Makeup Artistry




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