Jynx’s Neon Strike Vi

Jynx, a gamer, artist, and cosplayer hailing from Canada, but now soaking up the sun in SoCal, created a brilliant rendition of Neon Strike Vi from League of Legends.

Built-in roughly a three-week period, Jynx handles every aspect of the costume with sheer awesomeness. From the suit to the articulated gauntlets strapped to her hands, she shows off her detailed design and construction skills to a tee.

I think the most engaging part of the cosplay is her make up. It seems to jump right off of the screen, completely engaging watchers, to keep on watching. The wig styling is phenomenal and the color palate if just out of this world exciting. The whole experience is a true feast for the eyes, I feel like I need sensory deprivation therapy.

Kudos to Jynx for using all of those creative powers for good.

Check out Jynx on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Photo credits: Undiscovered, David Ngo, Ed Tan, Martin Wong, Riot Games

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