LUX from LoL

Cosplayer: Bridoof

Cosplay: Lux, also known as The Lady of Luminosity from League of Legends. A child prodigy and master illusionist from the city of Demacia, she grew up with the proverbial silver spoon.  As one of the Crownguards, she knew untold wealth and privilege. As she grew up, Lux displayed unconventional gifts, like being able to reverse engineer arcane spells after seeing them just once.

She is now a highly regarded asset of the Demacian government and its citizens.

Bridoof smacks the taste out of this costume with lovely armor construction, sewing, painting, and wig styling. Keep up with her on Facebook to see more of her projects.

Photo credits: Sorairo-Days, Kenneth Davis, iM Photography, Koko Chu

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