Malindachan’s Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife is the main character in Final Fantasy VII. A skilled and somewhat cocky swordsman and fighter, he was led to believe that he was part of an elite fighting coup. Little did he know, it was all a farce. As a result, CS dropped the attitude and decided to become a champion of the people.

Malindachan, a cosplayer living in some far off tropical land, (Missouri) nails her rendition of Cloud Strife right to the wall, and we’re loving all the brilliance. First and foremost, we have to acknowledge the maximum awesome of MC’s wig styling. It really makes the entire production movie-worthy.

The other elements of the costume are also spot on, rounding out an overall win for cosplay mankind.

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Photo Credits: Rory Pfeifer, Kuragiman, Ashley Johnson, Joseph Chi Lin

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