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Miss Sinister’s Sagat

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Talk about getting character! This rendition of Sagat from Street Fighter is just flat-out brilliant. So, who’s behind all of this creative energy? We call her, Miss Sinister, one of the most intense cosplayers on the planet. She makes a habit of recreating unconventional characters that require dedication and confidence to pull off. And Sagat, a 7’4 foot male, (traditionally) is no different.

Shaved head and all, MS executes a picture perfect display of the most feared Muay Thai fighter in the world. Well, the virtual world. Although, after taking a look at Miss Sinister in costume, we’re pretty sure she might be the most feared cosplayer in the world.

Overall, this is an original, daring, and well-executed design, with great make up, special effects, and photography. Bravo to the all of the gals and lads that made this project happen.

Stay up to date with Miss Sinister’s upcoming projects on her Facebook page.

Photo credits: Jason Desomer, Laphotonet

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