Reilena’s Mad Max

Reilena, with the assistance of Jessica Dru and a small army of helpers, created this magnificent rendition of Mad Max in anticipation for the upcoming film “Mad Max: Fury Road”.

Reilena is no stranger to going big with her shoots. Most of her cosplay projects involve teams of faithful photographers, makeup artists, fellow cosplayers, and assistants. In this shoot, she traveled to the desert and just flat-out went to the moon with an amalgamation of grit, glam, and guts that translates to the screen in the best way possible.

Reilena and JD are spot on with costume construction, sinister wig styling, and great special effects make-up. Kudos to the entire team for raising the bar when it comes to cosplay projects.

She is without a doubt, becoming the queen of the cosplay mega shoots.


Photographer: Saffels Photography
Blue Mohawk: Reilena
Red Mohawk: Jessica Dru
Badass Truck Builder: Adam Chilson
Makeup and Fire wangler: Tripped Wire
Behind the scenes: Chubear Cosplay
Production Badass: Chris Mandeville
Other awesome photos: MNL Photography

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