Rookie Review: Myratheon

Maya Gagne, aka Myratheon Cosplay (MC), has been in the cosgame for a little under a year, and is making strides in her quality and craftsmanship. She’s a savvy social media marketer, interacting with her fans and rewarding them with perks for supporting her efforts. Her latest contest she gave away a custom cosplay.

And while only being a cosplayer for a short time, she’s not short on ambition, building out a Halo cosplay and trying her hand at an original cosplay, Anubis, the Egyptian god that protected the dead.

MC is not short of spunk, either. She recently got into a little Facebook spat with another cosplayer because she doesn’t participate in contests. Reason, she thinks they’re a popularity contest based on the relationship of the judge to the contestant. Might be a valid point, might not be, we’re not the popularity police. But we’re all for expressing opinions, and MC is not afraid to let it fly. This is an excerpt from her social media post,

“If you’re happy with your costume, then who gives a shit what other people think. If you like contests, then do them, but don’t compare yourselves to other people outside of those contests. In cosplaying, you do what makes YOU happy. For me, that’s making friends and building self-confidence that I get when I get compliments from others, and mostly when I inspire others to make beautiful works of art. I don’t pretend to be the best because I know I’m far from being anywhere near amazing. However, if I can inspire ONE person, then I think I’ve done my job.”

Well said, fiery rookie. Onto our interview with MC.

Earth Name: Maya Gagne
Cosplay Name: Myratheon Cosplay
How Long Have You Been Cosplaying?: About a year!
Favorite Character to Cosplay?: Anubis (original design)
Booking Email:
Specialty: Armor making and painting.

How would you describe your style of cosplay?
I would describe it as unique, due to my focus on original designs, underrated characters, or individuals not often cosplayed.

What’s the best part of cosplay for you?
When someone tells me that they look up to me or that I give them inspiration, that’s when I smile and feel the happiest in cosplaying. If I can inspire at least one person, my job is done. There isn’t a better feeling than giving someone the confidence to believe in themselves.

What’s been your hardest build up to this point, and how long did it take?
My hardest build would definitely be my Egyptian Spartan build. It took about 4 months total, with over 400 hours dedicated to make it the crown jewel of my collection.

Your Favorite Con?
I have two! Rhode Island Comic Con and AnimeNext

A cosplayer you look up to?
Kamui Cosplay, because she puts her heart and soul into every build. She never puts anyone down, and she’s willing to share her experience and skills with everyone.

Favorite thing to do outside of cosplay?
Shooting guns!

Something about yourself that no one might guess?
I’ve been a trained gladiatorial sword master for about 8 years now. I also belong to a gun club.

What other artsy stuff do you like to do?
I love creative writing, especially poetry and fantasy novels.

I’m casting a movie about your life, what would the title be? And give me 5 songs on the soundtrack.
Title – Seen and Very Heard
I’m Not Alright – Shinedown
Just Got Started Lovin’ You – James Otto
I’m Not That Girl – Wicked
If You’re Going Through Hell – Rodney Atkins
Don’t Give Up On Me – Jason Aldean

The RoOkiE Rant!

A misconception about cosplay that you want to put to rest?
Many controversial misconceptions people highlight are ones that are believed inside the community (cosplay is consent, girls cosplay only to get attention, if you show skin you’re a slut, “fat” people shouldn’t cosplay), but ignore ones of outside people looking in.

I would end the stereotype that all cosplayers and/or people who attend conventions are weirdos that don’t lead normal lives, or that they live in their mother’s basement.

Many of us leads perfectly normal lives, from being lawyers and doctors to mothers and students. I do neurological research and cosplay.

Photo credits: Vander Photography

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