Ryoko Demon’s Ariel

For this edition of Cosplay of The Day we’re treated to a fantastic all-around production by Ryoko Demon, a cosplayer out of Russia, and one half of R&R Art Group, a performance team that not only does cosplay, but also video production, and theatrical performances.

Ryoko Demon creates some of the most picturesque cosplays in the industry, using painstaking detail, and a high level of craftsmanship all cosplayers can aspire to.

In her rendition of Ariel, it’s nothing short of amazing. From the dress and make up to the castle setting, it looks like RK stepped right off the Disney bus. Even the place settings at the table are meticulously placed to give a truly authentic storyline.

This is not just a few pictures of Ariel, it’s a journey through princess land. Hats off to Ryoko and her team of misfits.

To see more of Ryoko’s work, visit her on IG

Photo Credits: Kifir

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