Speedy from Green Arrow

Cosplayer: Olivia’s Ateleir (OA)

Cosplay: Speedy (Mia Dearden), is the second teenage sidekick of Oliver Queen a.k.a. Green Arrow. She’s a skilled archer, motorcyclist, and all-around badass.

OA  put together this costume on short notice, and might we say, she’s done a bang-up job pulling all together. Here’s what OA had to say about her build.

“During the summer I had made a plain, black bodysuit with the intention of making a Green Lantern suit for a friend. Which didn’t happen. So when the shoot rolled around and I had nothing to wear, I managed to pull this out of nowhere and get it…mostly done. I still need to stick the collar on the suit and remake most of the yellow parts, but I was happy to be Speedy for a day, and can’t wait to wear it again.”

Photo Credits: Solar Tempest,Tom Wagner,Gill,Richard Zak


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