Spider-Gwen Swings Into Town

Cosplayer: Maid of Might

Cosplay: Maid of Might decided to take on Spider-Gwen, a relative newcomer to the Marvel Universe. She enlisted fellow cosplayer Lost Symbiote to help with the build, and the entire project took roughly two weeks. She used spandex, and other hardware to finish off the look.

“The hardest parts were attaching the hood and figuring out the feet,” said Maid of Might

On why Maid of Might chose Spider-Gwen to cosplay.

“I loved Spider-Gwen’s design the first time I saw it and after reading Spider-verse I loved Earth-65 Gwen Stacy’s personality just as much!”

Overall Maid of Might knocked this build-out of the park and complemented the outfit with killer photography from John Haas and Nels.

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