Superheroine Shoot Entirely Out of Milk

splash heroes calendarJaroslav Wieczorkiewicz (JW), a London-based photographer, took it upon himself to create a project so dynamic that it would change the way we look at dairy products forever.

No longer will you pour a glass of milk without thinking, I could be using this to dump it on a model.

Because that’s exactly what JW did for his “Splash Heroes” photo project, in which he doused models with milk to mimic the DC and Marvel superheroines that we’ve all come to love.

So, how did he do it? While it all looks like one magnificent shot, it takes hours of shooting, gallons of milk, and even more hours of post-production for each shot to take form.

Each shot is crafted one cup of cold milk at a time, so it could take hundreds of throws on one tiny area to get the desired effect. He then layers the images together to create the final product. As far as the color of the milk, he uses dye, not photoshop.

The models must be topless so that the milk can spread evenly. And the use of cold milk may sound a little extreme, but the molecular structure of cold milk leads to better “milk-to-skin” contact, and subsequently better and more fluid images. No pun intended…OK, maybe a little.

This is not JW’s first jaunt with dairy-related photoshoots. His latest project, “Milky Pinups”, caught the attention of Coca-Cola, landing the images right in the middle of the mega company’s new Fairlife Milk ad campaign.

JW will also begin a US Splash Heroes tour, where he will be hosting workshops on his intricate work.

All said and done, this is brilliant art with thousands of hours invested into an even more intricate process. There’s a 2015 Splash Heroes calendar for sale, our suggestion is that you pick one up to support such a creative endeavor. The calendar is not for the faint of heart, with a $62.00 price tag, but the quality is well worth the investment.

For more of JW’s work, visit his Website.


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