New 52 Hawkgirl

New 52 Hawkgirl Tutorial: Corset Pattern


In this video for the New 52 Hawkgirl tutorial, Axceleration walks us through the corset making process, but more importantly how to create a pattern using tape. She also [...]

Hawkgirl Corset Tutorial: Supplies


In this video tutorial from our most wonderful cosplay nerd Axceleration, she goes into the details of supply requirements to build the corset for the New52 Hawkgirl. AC [...]

New 52 Hawkgirl Tutorial: Shirt


In the spirit of matching tops with bottoms, and not walking around naked at conventions, Axceleration shows us how to finish off theĀ  shirt in her Hawkgirl cosplay to match [...]

Comikaze Wrap Up!


In this uber-nerdy video, Axceleration takes us through her epic debut of Hawkgirl at the LA convention, Comikaze, hotel fun, awkwardness, walking, photoshoots, and [...]

New 52 HawkGirl Tutorial: Leggings

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Axceleration makes it look so easy, doesn’t she? And for the average cosplayer it might be. But for me, a writer, and self-admitted non-creator of clothing, only a [...]