Ten Q with Megan Coffey-Starbuxx


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Earth Name: Megan Coffey

Cosplay Name: Megan Coffey – starbuxx

How Long Have You Been Cosplaying?
Just a little over a year! I started in August 2013, I believe.

Favorite Cosplay you’ve done:
Hmm… it’s so hard to pick! Maybe my New 52 Supergirl. Even though that was only the third costume I’ve made, and I’m up to 15 or so now. She is just such an iconic character, and so fun to wear.

Social Media

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What has been the best thing about having cosplay in your life?
Even though I have only been cosplaying for about a year, I have made a lot of new, great friends. Like not just acquaintances, but substantial, close friendships. And they all happen to enjoy some of the same hobbies that I do, so we all mesh really well.

coffey and friendsDo you have any artistic abilities outside of cosplay?
Before I ever started making costumes, I was always really into art. I like to draw and paint a lot, especially with watercolors. I draw a lot of nature-related stuff and fanart. I also love makeup and special effects work and body painting, which has been handy in the cosplay world.

Is it ever challenging to balance school and “real life” with cosplay and social media?
Definitely, but I always kept school a priority so nothing else ever really got in the way of that. I just graduated over the summer from college with my BA in biology, and I plan on going to gradschool in the spring term! I feel that I work better when I am encumbered in tasks, so having all these activities floating around doesn’t terribly bother me.

How has your interaction with fans been thus far?
Ah its great! And still so strange haha. I love nothing more than when the people who follow me on Instagram or Facebook come up to me at cons and introduce themselves.

Do you ever serve as a mentor for newer cosplayers?
I don’t know? I’d like to think so! Haha. I try to be a role model in that you don’t have to wear the most revealing outfits in cosplay if you choose not to, and its okay. So I hope the younger girls that follow me on my sites see that and feel comfortable in the costumes that they choose.

What is the biggest thing that new cosplayers need to learn when they get into this hobby?
That its okay to make mistakes! Don’t feel stressed if something isn’t perfect or if you did something different from how others would do it. It’s not a contest, it’s about having fun!

Have you encountered much negativity since you started cosplaying, and if so, how did you deal with it?
Well with every handful of good comments, there are always a couple bad ones. For the most part, any rude behavior or mean words get ignored, banned, and deleted, if I can help it. If it’s not on a site where I have that kind of control, I just ignore it. The people who say mean things online aren’t my friends nor my followers and I can’t say that I care about their opinions terribly much haha.

If you weren’t able to cosplay, what other hobby would you take up?coffey convention
I suppose I would probably stick to what I was/am already doing, art and modeling! I’ve been a professional fashion model for almost four years now and I really love it.

What cosplayer do you look up to the most?
I can’t even name them all… of course there are all the famous ones that we all know, but there are also the lesser-known but equally as talented ones. I admire ambition, risk-taking, and ingenuity in costume making, and I am an avid fan of anyone who is honestly enjoying what they do.

The most epic cosplay you’ve ever seen?
Well I haven’t seen it in person, but Yaya’s Enira the Banshee Queen is all sorts of impressive!

One misconception about cosplay that you want to put to rest?
Conventions aren’t full of “gross nerds” and cosplay isn’t something weird or devious. It’s all in good fun, and if you question that, go head off to a convention and look around. Tons of people are there cosplaying because its fun and because they enjoy it. I think it’s something that should be appreciated.

What are you listening while you build?
I don’t really listen to music while I craft. Sometimes I Skype with my friends while I sew or I’ll listen to the Elvis Duran and Morning Show replay channel online haha.

If I’m casting a movie about your life, what would it be called, and what would the soundtrack consist of?
I have no idea but I can almost guarantee you that the entire soundtrack will be a mash-up of Childish Gambino and Kanye West.

And that concludes 10Q with our most adorable Starbuxx. She’s got a brain behind all of that win (Dat Biology degree though), and our prediction is that she’ll skyrocket in popularity over the next two years, so be on the lookout for her. Her down-to-earth demeanor, and overall classic style is definitely a welcome dynamic is the cos arena of madness.

Photo credits: David Love Photography, Templar Digital, and Naya Photography

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