The Artful Dodger’s Athena

We had to fight through killer roos and wallabies to find our next cosplay of the day, but oh mate was it worth the trip.  Say hello to The Artful Dodger (TAD), an Australian cosplayer with a propensity for making some really killer costumers. Well, things apparently haven’t changed, as she just finished a shoot for her most recent wondrous cosplay, Athena from Borderlands.

The accuracy of this costume has an eerie quality that echoes all of the painstaking work put into it. Thanks to some dynamic photography and a kick-ass location, TAD’s costume seriously comes to life in the most spectacular way imaginable.

Apparently TAD got pretty sick during this shoot because of the sweltering heat, so on behalf of all the nerds in the world, thanks for taking one for the team. And now we know what’s been true all along, everything in Australia can kill you.

Even photoshoots.

For more of The Artful Dodger, check out her Facebook

Photography provide by Steven Brown

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